A Royal Expert Believes Queen Elizabeth II Would’ve Taken a Very Different Course of Action With Prince Harry’s Bombshell Memoir 'Spare'

From the headline-making interviews and the Netflix docuseries to the bombshell release of Spare, Prince Harry has not been afraid to air it all out. While accusations against the British Royal family continue to pile up, however, the royals have continued to keep quiet.

Though some inside sources have revealed how some members of the royal family, like Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and King Charles III, are currently feeling, there has yet to be any statement or major action taken by the royal family.

According to royal expert Christopher Andersen, per Us Weekly, that’s quite the opposite approach Queen Elizabeth II would’ve taken if she were still monarch today.

“Nothing could rattle the Queen, apparently,” the author of The King: The Life of King Charles III, said. “She would’ve probably taken some action just as she did with Diana.”

Of course, Andersen here is referring to the late Queen’s request that Charles and Diana divorce following Princess Diana’s infamous Panorama interview. As a reminder, when Diana’s controversial interview aired, she was separated from Charles. A month after the special aired, however, the Queen took matters into her own hands and asked that the pair officially divorce, thus removing Diana from the family.

Though Andersen didn’t go into specifics about what, exactly, the Queen might have done, he believes the family should do something rather than just ignore the allegations. There’s already been chatter about removing their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles — and while we’ll never know whether or not Queen Elizabeth would have actually done that, we’re certainly keeping an eye out for what the royal family does next.

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