3D Artist Renders XL Version of the Honda Motocompo

London-based freelance 3D artist Allan Williams aka vektasigma has just given fans a new way to look at the cult Honda Motocompo compact bike.

Named the Motocompo XL, Williams renders up what the folding motorized scooter would look like as a full-sized motorcycle. The bike is somewhat reminiscent of Kaneda’s motorcycle from Akira but that’s largely due to the Caribbean Red paint job and wheel hubs. While this XL version definitely won’t fit in a Honda City, it does maintain the signature boxy exterior but changes the riding posture to something closer to a sports bike or cafe racer with its low-mounted clip-ons and parallel solo seat.

The design also elects for more industrial and cyberpunk styling with LED light bars, panels inspired by aircrafts, and retro Honda branding. Williams also rendered a version in his take on Daisy Yellow as a nod to the original version.

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