31 Movies on Netflix With Complex, Strong Women Leads That You Can Watch Tonight

Malcolm & Marie

Strong women leads have been dominating the big and small screens, giving viewers a look into complex, complicated, intriguing, and inspiring women characters of all kinds. From movies made to motivate to flicks made to veg out to, Netflix has a handful of titles that pack a punch with not only a good storyline, but also a great woman lead. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to absorb inspiration from these kickass women! The fan-favorite streaming service has an incredible selection of movies featuring girls and women who grow up, take risks, kick butts, and take names. We’ve rounded up a diverse selection of women-led films that you can stream instantly, including everything from deep movies like Marriage Story to new hits like Malcolm & Marie. Get ready to binge the best movies on Netflix that feature your favorite leading women!

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