25 Of The Biggest Pet Peeves For Uber And Lyft Drivers

We recently asked the Uber and Lyft drivers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their biggest pet peeves were. Here are the best replies.

1.When passengers bring babies without car seats.

“Passengers will bring infants without car seats and become furious when I decline their request.


2.When passengers smoke in the car.

“I had a woman light a cigarette without even asking for my permission. I had to lower all four windows while she finished it off because she insisted! It was the dead of winter and I was on the highway.”


3.When passengers hop out of the car in the middle of traffic.

“If you want to get out then let me pull over to the safest and nearest place.


4.When passengers say they “need air” when they actually have to vomit.

“Just ask us to pull over and get out. I’ll probably end the ride anyways, but it’s better than you being charged and kicked off the app for damaging the car and me having to clean it up.”


5.When passengers try to send very young children alone.

People have tried to send their 3-5 year old kids via Lyft to their other parent’s house alone.”


6.When passengers try to fit more that four people in a small car.

“Please stop, it’s dangerous.”


7.When passengers eat or drink without asking permission first.


8.When passengers ask to make extra stops along the way.

“It’s annoying when they ask to make extra stops for things like beer or cigarettes. We do not get paid for these extra stops.”


9.When passengers don’t answer their phones.

We’re strangers to each other and we can’t find you in a crowded area. You summoned us so please answer the phone.”


10.When passengers sit in the front.

“Sit in the back please. I keep my purse or lunchbox in front to nicely prevent people from sitting there without asking me first. They get surprised when I ask them to not sit on my belongings. Just ask first!”


11.When passengers are being loud on their phones.

“I don’t really care if you’re on your phone the whole time but please keep it down. And please use a headset if you are watching videos.”


12.When passengers sit in the front and don’t say anything at all.

It’s really awkward, especially if it’s a long ride.”


13.When passengers are not at the pick up point.

“If you request a ride, it would be really nice to actually be there when I get there. I understand if you’re waiting inside the building because of rain, heat, or for safety, but at least be ready to walk out when I show up.”


14.When passengers ask you to drive faster because they’re running late.


15.When passengers don’t make sure they’re getting in the right car.

“I once had a guy who insisted I was his Uber driver and the app had my license plate wrong. Not only was I not his Uber, but my car is blue and he was looking for a white car.


16.When passengers enter the wrong address and expect the driver to know the correct address.

They freak out when you can’t read their mind and find where they actually meant.”


17.When passengers blame the driver for getting stuck in traffic.

“If you know it’s going to take a while to get to where you’re headed then plan on ordering a trip earlier.


18.When passengers are too drunk to find the car.


19.When passengers complain about the navigation route that the app chooses.

“It’s out of my control.”

20.When passengers don’t put on their seatbelts.

“It’s a safety issue.”

21.When passengers don’t pay attention to the route.

People have put in the wrong address and not noticed until 15 minutes later when they look up from their phone and don’t recognize the area.”


22.When passengers slam the doors.


23.When passengers ask what the driver’s worst rider experience was.

“It’s not lighthearted conversation. I certainly don’t feel like reliving my assault, or the times I’ve been harassed, nor do I want to recall the nights spent cleaning up someone’s vomit.”


24.When male passengers are total creeps.

“Male passengers have said ‘Isn’t driving Lyft dangerous? What if I jumped out and tried to kill you?’ This has literally happened more than once.”


25.When passengers don’t tip.

“Tip your driver and give them five stars unless they really did something wrong. If you don’t like the GPS, the price of the ride, their type of car, or the traffic, those aren’t reasons to give a bad rating.”


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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