2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Features New Wheels and an Updated Grille

Rolls-Royce has enhanced its Phantom Series II for 2023. After five years on the market, the iconic eighth-generation model has been given a subtle makeover.

While nothing has been changed when it comes to the mechanics of the luxury car, the Phantom now boasts more modern headlights and an updated Pantheon grille that has a silver line running across the top of its strakes. The grille is also illuminated, giving the car an assertive glow.

On the hood, the winged Spirit of Ecstasy mascot has been made more prominent, and buyers can now opt to go for a darker finish, by adding black trim to the grille, bezel, windshield and side glass finisher. There are also new wheel options: one with a milled stainless steel finish, and the other, a 1920s-inspired disc wheel.

Rolls-Royce described the Phantom Series II enhancements:

“Self-evidently, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Phantom client. Spanning the ‘poles of luxury’, they may be ever-younger or older, modern or traditional, self-made or from long-established wealth. Their commissions reflect a full spectrum of interests and influences. At one extreme, Phantom takes on a subversive, almost rebellious character–youthful, dynamic and daring. At the other, Phantom transforms into an ode to luxury grandeur and timelessness.”

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