18 Times Millennials' Parents Were Too Clueless For Words

1.This mom really struggled to use group chats correctly:

2.This dad didn’t get the “let’s get this bread” meme:

3.This mom is clueless when it comes to flossing:

4.This mom didn’t know she was part of the word COCK:

5.And this mom didn’t know what “ass eating season” was:

6.This mom used the word “ghosted” to her son:

7.This mom didn’t get insta-art:

8.And this mom doesn’t get the art of “smut pics”:

9.And this dad couldn’t use the panorama function:

10.This clueless mom mistook the acronym “STI”:

11.This dad didn’t know family group chat etiquette:

12.And this dad definitely didn’t understand that everyone can see what you share on Facebook:

13.This mom didn’t get the hyperbole behind “kms”:

14.And this mom didn’t know what Four Loko was:

15.This dad adorably messed up his credit card ID pic:

16.And this dad even more adorably messed up the spelling of Little Caesars:

17.This mom is clueless about the crying emoji:

18.And lastly, so is this mom!

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