YaYa Mayweather’s Stab Victim Shows Bare Baby Bump, Says Her Injured Arm Is Still Hurt

Going on Instagram Live again, LaPattra Lashai Jacobs lifts up her shirt to reveal her stomach and removes her arm cast to show how the injuries affect the mobility of her arm.

AceShowbiz -YaYa Mayweather a.k.a. Iyana Mayweather‘s stab victim LaPattra Lashai Jacobs has refueled her pregnancy speculation. Days after she showed what appeared to be a rounder belly, she went back on Instagram Live again to show her bare baby bump.

As if to get rid of the suspicion that she faked the baby bump, she lifted up her white T-shirt with her uninjured up during the Live session, revealing her growing baby bump. When she first showed her supposed baby bump on Tuesday, May 5, it was believed that it wasn’t real because her stomach looked flat just a few days before.

LaPattra, however, didn’t say anything about whether she’s really pregnant or not and who is the father. She, instead, shared details about her injuries from the stabbing incident involving NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again‘s girlfriend YaYa.

In the video, LaPattra removed her arm cast, though she stopped short from showing her scars, “cuz that’s nasty and disgusting,” according to her. She said her injured arm is not paralyzed, but currently has no mobility.

During the Live, she tried to move her arm and make a fist, but there was no motion. She said she was instructed to keep it elevated and that she still experiences pain in the injured arm. “When I’m putting this (the cast) on, I feel the pain shoot up, so that’s why I be hurting,” she claimed.

She also revealed how complicated it is when she has to take shower, “When I’m taking a shower, it’s really weird, because I can’t bathe my back, because when I take a shower, I use both of my hands, for my hand, and this hand is not even working, like I can’t even pick up.” She went on lamenting, “I wish I could’ve showed ya’ll how I pick up something I can’t even pick up nothing, my therapy made me a thing, it makes [me] look so handicap, that’s why I don’t like putting it on. It helps me pick up stuff.”

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