Winnie Harlow Sickened by Reports of Her Complaining About Flying Coach

The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ alum has found herself under fire after she shared on social media that she had to give up her business class seat in order to make it to a ‘huge shoot.’

AceShowbizWinnie Harlow has come under fire for complaining she had to give up her business class seat to sit in economy after her flight from Milan was cancelled.

The Canadian supermodel, who was leaving Milan Fashion Week en route to a “huge shoot at 6am”, took to Instagram on Wednesday, September 18, to share her predicament with her followers.

Posting an image of herself lying with her head in a friend’s lap, the 25-year-old explained she hadn’t slept in “four days” and that she had had to give up her business class seat in order to make it to her destination.

“I haven’t slept in 4 days, and my flight got cancelled,” she began. “The amazing airport escort got my team and I put on the fastest flight out but we had to give up our business class seats in order to land in time for a huge shoot at 6am.”

“I realize this may not seem like a big deal, but when a plane is your bedroom and a flight the only time to get sleep during a hectic fashion month, it’s tiresome…Regardless I’m grateful, god works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason.”

However, her post attracted criticism from her 6.8 million followers

“People ride in those seats everyday so this really isn’t a big deal but ok… Oh wow.. you poor thing.. did you buy that extra seat so you could put your feet up and not have to sit next to us regulars?”, wrote one follower.

“U needed to give up your business class tix. That must be soooo hard… Is that the only problem you have in your life ???”, blasted another.

Winnie later took to Instagram to address the backlash and wrote: “Hmm ‘bemoaning’.. not Winnie Harlow is grateful for being able to get on a flight period because of the amazing work of of the people in the airport? All you took was ‘had to give up business class flight’.

“This whole ‘woah is me’ take is sickening. Me not flying in business is a statement, not a moan. If the class mattered, I could’ve waited for the next availability.”

Winnie has been hard at work for fashion month and promoting her KKW beauty collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

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