What Do Polls Say About Donald Trump Running For President In 2024?

Even though the 2024 presidential election is a few years away, it hasn’t stopped Republicans from hedging their bets on who the next GOP candidate will be after the next bout of primaries. Almost immediately after President Joe Biden assumed office in January, a flurry of successive polls, many of which were conducted by conservative PACS, have attempted to zero in on party favorites. 

While former President Donald Trump has, as of the time of this writing, remained popular among MAGA loyalists, he has been somewhat coy about whether he plans to run again. (There’s also still a large chance he will be barred from running in the first place, depending on the future outcomes of multiple criminal investigations into his conduct and into the Trump Organization.) 

Surprisingly enough, a poll conducted in June at a conservative summit in Denver placed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a top pick for a 2024 GOP candidacy, out-striding Trump by three points. But now, according to a September 3 report by Newsweek, it’s possible DeSantis’ reign as a prime contender could be short-lived — and that American Trumpism amongst Republicans might still be going strong.

Polls suggest Donald Trump's hold on Republicans is still going strong

According to Newsweek, a July poll conducted by the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) found that out of respondents surveyed, an overwhelming 70% stated that they wanted Donald Trump to run in 2024 as their candidate. Per the magazine, that’s a 15-point jump from the results of a prior CPAC poll administered only a few months earlier in March. Per Newsweek, the scores are only the latest example of a survey trend in comparison to others like it, such as the Quinnipiac poll from May, which also placed Trump as the person overwhelmingly favored by the GOP.

Despite the fact that Trump has remained elusive about his future political plans, Newsweek reported that at least one high-profile Republican has stated publicly that Trump previously confirmed his rumored plans to vie for the GOP candidacy in 2024. 

Citing an interview Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan gave to journalist Lauren Windsor for Undercurrent News (via Newsweek), Jordan stated earlier this year he knew for certain of Trump’s campaign aspirations and that he would announce it “any day now.” (As Newsweek noted, a Jordan spokesperson denied he had said this, which prompted Windsor to post a video of Jordan saying exactly that on her Twitter account.) Trump’s camp has since denied rumors perpetuated by Jordan.

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