Video of Johnny Depp smashing cupboards shown to High Court amid libel trial

The High Court has been shown a video of Johnny Depp smashing cupboards in his kitchen, pacing around a room, swearing and kicking a cabinet as his libel trial got underway this week.

On Tuesday the video, recorded by the actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard, 34, without Mr Depp’s knowledge, was shown as the actor gave evidence on the first day of the 57-year-old’s action against News Group Newspapers (NGN), publisher of The Sun.

Mr Depp is suing NGN over a 2018 article, which referred to ‘overwhelming evidence’ that he attacked actress Ms Heard, during their relationship, in which he was branded a ‘wife-beater’.

The actor strenuously denies the allegations, but lawyers for NGN argue that their description of the actor was ‘accurate and truthful’.

In the short clip shown to the court – which was originally leaked in 2016 – at one point, the actor, who can be seen wearing a denim shirt and large cowboy hat, shouts: ‘You wanna see crazy? I’ll give you f crazy.’

Ms Heard can be heard talking to the star in the clip, as she holds a large mug.

In the recording, Mr Depp appears to be agitated as he paces around the room and shouts ‘motherf*’, kicking a cabinet a number of times, while Ms Heard can be heard asking ‘what happened?’.

Mr Depp is then seen repeatedly slamming glass-fronted cupboard doors, as Ms Heard said: ‘We are not even fighting, all I did was say sorry.’

The actor replies: ‘Did something happen to you this morning? I don’t think so.’

He then poured a glass from a wine bottle and added: ‘You wanna see crazy? I’ll give you f crazy.’

The video footage then becomes obscured and largely inaudible, but Ms Heard can be heard to say: ‘Have you drunk this whole thing this morning?’ and ‘You were smashing sh*t’ before Mr Depp then appears to notice the recording and it stops.

Sasha Wass QC, barrister for NGN, asked Mr Depp – who was quizzed on his drinking and drug abuse, his alleged violent outbursts and his attitudes towards women – if he would agree he was violent in the clip.

He replied: ‘I was violent with some cupboards,’ adding: ‘Clearly, I wasn’t in the best state of mind.’

Ms Wass said: ‘I’m going to suggest your conduct would have been very intimidating to anyone present in that room,’ with the actor responding: ‘I would say that that could upset someone, yes.’

The barrister also asked if Mr Depp was drunk at the time of the video and referred to a ‘mega pint of red wine’ which he appeared to pour during the footage, which Ms Wass said ‘is not everybody’s choice for breakfast’.

Mr Depp said he believed the bottle had been left over from the previous evening.

During Tuesday afternoon’s cross-examination, Mr Depp was asked if he had taken cocaine before the video was filmed, to which he said no.

He also told the court that ‘the monster’ – which Ms Heard claims the actor turned into when he ‘snaps’ – was something his ex-wife ‘became obsessed with’.

Ms Wass responded: ‘It was your name for your alter ego, the bad side of your character, the person who used to lose control, used to smash up hotel rooms, used to assault camera crewmen or paparazzi, that bad boy image… when you lose control and become a violent thug, that’s “the monster”, isn’t it?’

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star replied: ‘No. “The monster” in situations with Ms Heard was when the argument would escalate.’

He claimed it happened when he did not ‘placate’ Ms Heard, as he added: ‘If she was yelling, I would yell back and then it became a screaming match…It wasn’t Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’

The actor will enter the witness box again today, when NGN’s legal team will continue with their cross-examination.

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