Ulrika Jonsson larks about with her kids as she documents sister’s wedding

Ulrika Jonsson posed up for pictures with her children as she documented her little sister's wedding.

The star helped her sister, who she calls K, plan her nuptials to her partner Candeece.

Ulrika stepped in as wedding planner after the breakdown of her marriage to third husband Brian Monet.

While it took place in Australia, where K now lives, they celebrated it back in the UK, in what looks to be a very entertaining family bash.

Sharing snaps from the party, Ulrika, 51, joked she was "tired" after working hard to plan the big day.

She also shared rare pictures of her children Cameron, 24, Bo, 19, and Malcolm, 11.

Her 15-year-old daughter Martha was not pictured.

Ulrika shared a snap of the smiling brides, one of her "drunk" son, a picture of herself with her sister and her new wife, and a beautiful picture of herself with her daughter and daughter-in-law.

The TV star also shared funny pictures of herself and her son and the "real" brides – her beloved pet Bulldogs Nessie and Leo, who looked adorable in their new veils.

Sharing the pictures on Instagram , she said: "And some of the people….

"Brides; drunk son; son holding cousin; brides with tired wedding planner; wedding planner with daughter and daughter-in-law; mother and son x2; son with tonsillitis, trackies and flip-flops; the REAL brides…

Ulrika kept her followers updated as she planned her sister's big day.

She shared snaps of the decorations she'd chosen, the cake, and the flowers.

Ulrika showed fans how she made the canapés, and even how her dogs weed on the flowers.

Back in May, Ulrika revealed her joy at her sister getting married to partner Candeece after welcoming their baby Astrid.

Sharing a beautiful picture of the family, Ulrika said: "My heart swells. And it aches that I couldn’t be there.

"But I’m so proud of you, baby sis, marrying your stupendously wonderful Candeece just 2 1/2 months after you welcomed your own baby, baby Astrid into this world and it’s a joy to behold.

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