TV star Emily Hartridge’s last Instagram post was EPIC takedown of sexist troll

Tragic YouTube star Emily Hartridge posted an epic takedown of a troll the day before she died in Britain's first ever fatal electric scooter accident.

The hugely popular internet star died on Friday morning aged just 35.

Before the crash, Emily had posted a stinging response to a sexist troll, who had targeted her on Instagram .

With a fierce picture of her showing her muscles at Rathbone Boxing Club, she revealed he had been sent a message from the troll asking "EMILY, ARE YOU A MAN?".

She then wrote: "Someone messaged me this on Instagram last week and it doesn’t upset me I just think it’s LAUGHABLE

"This is 2019, how are some of us still stuck in the 1800s.

"I don’t believe there are such things as ‘Manly’ or ‘feminine’, what a crock of [poo emoji]."

And she pulled no punches when she explained why she was so offended by what had been sent to her.

Emily wrote: "Those terms were merely created by society years ago and much like sheep, we have all followed these rules for centuries.

"Men go to work. Women stay home and cook. Men bring in the money. Women look after the children. Men are the bosses.

"Women are the assistants. Men drink the drinks. Women bring them the drinks. Men play sports. Women watch.

"Men drive the cars, women sit in the passenger seat. Men have muscles. Women need to stay thin…….BORE OFF MATE

"We as women have come so far but there are STILL some men around who just can’t handle what strong ass mother f***ers we have become."

And she finished her epic clapback by telling the troll that negative comments made her as she wasn't going to let them 'get under her skin'.

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