Tom Kaulitz gifts Heidi Klum a piece of the Berlin Wall

Heidi Klum‘s rocker husband Tom Kaulitz has gifted the German model with a piece of the Berlin Wall.

“Today a special gift from my husband arrived… a piece of the Berlin Wall that had separated East & West Berlin for 28 years,” Klum, 46, captioned an Instagram video of the piece on Wednesday.

The “Making the Cut” star went on to explain why the piece was particularly meaningful to the couple.

“My husband was born behind the wall on the East Berlin side 4 weeks before it was torn down in 1989,” she wrote. “This allowed him to grow up in a Germany that was unlike the country his own parents had grown up in… He was able to experience freedom and joy and creativity and art and hope.”

Klum added that the piece is a reminder that barriers need to be taken down, not put up.

Klum and Kaulitz, 30, secretly married in July and hosted a big wedding celebration in Italy in August.

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