This Photo Of Katy Perry At A Kamala Harris Fundraiser Has Taylor Swift Fans Pissed

You guys, Katy Perry was out supporting presidential candidate Kamala Harris and it’s actually got some people upset. Wanna know why? Well, this photo of Katy Perry at a Kamala Harris fundraiser is drawing the ire of Taylor Swift fans because the star-studded event was held at Scooter Braun’s house.

If you recall, Braun and Swift have some serious bad blood right now since he purchased her former label, Big Machine Records. In doing so, he acquired the rights to her pre-2019 music catalog. In an open letter posted to Tumblr after the news broke, Taylor claimed Braun was an “incessant, manipulative bully" to her throughout her career. Braun has seemingly decided not to respond to the controversy that divided the music industry as a whole, and maybe it’s because he’s turned his attention toward politics, for now.

On July 20, Braun showed his support for presidential candidate Kamala Harris by holding a fundraiser for her.

Along with Harris, the fundraiser drew Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry to his back yard. Harris posted a photo of herself with the three pop stars on Instagram. She appropriately captioned the snap, "Tag the fierce women in your life." I like it.

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Tag the fierce women in your life.

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Though, many Swift fans didn’t seem to find the event empowering at all, noting Swift’s newly reinstated BFF’s attendance as problematic. Some fans likened Perry’s appearance at the fundraiser to betrayal.

"At Scooter Braun’s. Wow, Katy. You are still good about stabbing Taylor Swift in the back. Couldn’t you write a check, appear someplace else," one fan tweeted.

"Did Katy Perry really f*cking go to Scooter Braun’s house?" another fan wrote. "After Taylor has openly said she cries whenever she hears his name, imagine having a close friend go to someone threatening your life and career. Swifties trusted you @katyperry but then again it was probably for the fame."

One fan thinks Harris rubbing elbows with Braun isn’t a good look for her campaign either. "AND THE SELLOUT AWARD GOES TOO….Kamala Harris!" they wrote. "For having Scooter Braun throw her a party with Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato just to make people like her. It worked for Hillary…. #SelloutInChief." Ouch.

Though, one fan thinks this is a discreet effort on Braun’s part to discredit her Swift, and that Swifties are possibly falling right into the trap. "The only people saying sh*t about Taylor Swift supposedly being ~upset~ about the Kamala Harris fundraiser is Scooter Braun and his team, hoping to start more negative discussion about Taylor & her morals when in reality Taylor has always supported Kamala and her work," the Swiftie wrote.

But I think everyone here just needs to calm down. Get it? But really, cut Perry some slack. Perry has always been one to support her presidential candidate of choice loudly and proudly. She stomped hard for Hilary Clinton in 2016, remember?

There is a huge possibility she was in attendance to support an extremely promising democratic presidential candidate in Harris.

I’m thinking, it’s kinda like what this one fan tweeted: "… all four women here are queens and just so you know… this was taken at a party hosted by Scooter. Demi, Ari and Katy respect Scooter enough to attend his party and this does not mean they hate Taylor okay." OK.

It’s also possible Taylor and Perry talked about Perry attending in private beforehand. Maybe, they are putting the Braun issue aside to endorse a candidate who they think can provide a better tomorrow?! None of us know. So, let’s all just chill and listen to our favorite pop tracks. Let’s start with "You Need To Calm Down." Lol.

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