The Walking Dead Wraps Up 2019… With These Three Questions

What a difference a year makes, huh?

That’s how long it has been since The Whisperers made their presence known on The Walking Dead, killing Jesus in the process of course.

And, on the fall finale of this AMC drama, our heroes and heroines at last took a significant step toward stopping them.

Did they succeed? What will come next?

We’ll answer these questions by posing three more of our own, all of which are weighing heavily on our minds in the wake of The Walking Dead now being off the air until 2020…

What Will Go Wrong for Michonne?

On their way to Oceanside, Michonne, Judith and Luke chose to stop in at a local library for some brand new books and Rachmaninoff, only to be overrun by walkers.

A mystery man — who we later learned is named Virgil — saved Luke from almost definitely death … and then ran off. Yes, we would see this fella again.

Later, at the beachfront community, Virgil was caught stealing supplies.

He alleged they were for his loved ones, who were located on nearby Bloodsworth Island, a former Naval base that was “hard to find and fortified.”

While Michonne was initially hesitant to trust this rando, the two did strike a deal in the end, which was the following:

In return for giving Virgil a ride home on one of Oceanside’s boats and as payment for a few of the supplies he already took, Virgil would surrender all Naval weapons to Michonne.

Judith was all for it, thinking the decision “could end the war” and saying farewell to her mom.

Michonne then gave her a walkie-talkie and told her to keep in touch, as often as possible.

Danai Gurira, of course, is leaving the series after this season, causing us to wonder if she’ll be killed off or simply be sent off to this new location.

What Will Happen to Gabriel?

Last week, it seemed that secret Whisperer Dante might be able to cover up Siddiq’s murder by saying he hanged himself.

Howeverm Dante wasn’t so fortunate.

Instead, Rosita showed up moments after he killed his friend and, when Siddiq’s corpse began walking, there was simply no hiding it.

Dante was then thrown into Alexandria’s one jail cell and interrogated.

Via flashbacks, we learned that Lydia never saw his face and that he snuck into town with another group he befriended in the woods and actually killed the old woman we thought died from water poisoning.

He explained that killing Siddiq was never part of the plan… which was to “encourage your paranoia about” the Whisperers to push everyone into making bad decisions.

It did sort of work that way in the end, though, as Gabriel stunned us all by stabbing Dante! To death!

The anger in Gabriel slowly built up over the finale, as he first watched back Dante’s interview to join the community.

And it grew stronger as they spoke one-on-one in the prison cell, saying his family “will never be the same now” with Siddiq gone.

Then, after asking if we all “deserve a second chance,” he said, “I don’t know, sometimes we get one anyway,” prior to killing Dante.

Finally, How Will They Stop the Herd?

After discover Alpha was lying about Lydia’s death, Gamma began to trust Aaron a tad more, even going so far as to make a deal with him:

If Gamma could offer solid information on the location of Alpha’s massive horde of “guardians,” Aaron would consider letting her see her nephew, who is now being raised by his people.

Meanwhile, Daryl brought up concerns about Carol.

Not only was he disappointed she didn’t tell him her plan to use Lydia to expose Alpha’s lie… he was angry she obviously has a death wish.

“You want [Alpha] dead so bad, you don’t even care what happens to you. It’s been like talking to a god damn ghost,” he told her, adding:

“She’s a dead woman anyway. We have a future, don’t let her take that too.”

They hugged it out and things seemed promising, for a moment.

Carol, however, was still triggered at the sight of the bald-headed Big Bad.

After finding evidence of the herd where Gamma said they’d find it, Carol spotted Alpha, chased her into what looked like a cave, only to find a giant walker party waiting inside.

Oh, yes, they found the herd.


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