'The Voice' Fans Have Strong Feelings About Ariana Grande’s Behavior During the Battles

Battle rounds on The Voice never fail to get folks talking, and this was especially true after newcomer Ariana Grande finally used her steal on a talented season 21 contestant. Now though, many are questioning if she made the right decision.

For the final week of the battles, Joshua Vacanti and Keilah Grace gave an energetic performance of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song, “good 4 u.” After listening to their powerful vocals, Ariana made a solo case for why Keilah should stay on Team Legend. “Keilah, between your age, and your control for your age, and your energy, I couldn’t stop watching you,” she said. In the end, Joshua was named the winner of the battle and he officially moved on to the knockouts for Team Legend. But surprisingly, after speaking so passionately about Keilah, Ariana didn’t save or steal her in the end.

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The “Positions” singer also stayed silent when Gymani was asked to stay on for Team Kelly and Aaron Hines was left without a coach. “I’m waiting for the right moment,” Ariana remarked about using her steal. Shortly after, the time finally came for Ariana when Wendy Moten and Manny Keith performed Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.” After saying she had an “out of body experience” listening to them, Ariana waited until the very last minute and stole Manny from fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton.

“I’m so grateful that’s where I used my steal,” Ariana said afterward. “I can’t wait to see what he does in the knockouts. I think he can absolutely shine in his own right if given the opportunity to do so.”

But not all fans watching from home were on board with the new addition to Team Ariana. Lots of viewers couldn’t forget the competitors who went before Manny and took to Twitter express their thoughts.

“Keilah was amazing. In my opinion, she won. I wish Ariana had at least stolen her,” one person wrote. “Omg how did Ariana not steal Aaron? Both of them were really good n had a shot at winning it all,” a different fan said. “I don’t think Ariana should steal Manny,” someone else tweeted.

On the other hand, there were also plenty of fans who were happy with her choice and were hoping it would work out in her favor. “Ariana needs to steal one of them so bad they’re so gooooood,” a viewer wrote. “Ariana about to steal Manny and I’m not even mad,” another added. “I knew Ariana was gonna steal him thank the lord,” a fan chimed in.

With that, Ariana is all set to go into the knockouts with a talented bunch. After all this, we’ll see how far Manny goes!

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