The Bachelor: Spoilers Reveal Sad Shocker About Mike Johnson

We are one week away from learning the identiy of the next Bachelor on ABC.

The upcoming star of the 2020 season will be announced on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special, which will air on September 17.

But here’s the thing: We already know the identity of the next Bachelor on ABC.

Thanks to a handful of The Bachelor spoilers, led by the ever-reliable Reality Steve, we can very safely announce that Peter Weber will be the man to walk across that stage in a few days.

He’s best known for three things:

Indeed, everyone mostly likes Peter Weber.

But almost everyone absolutely loves Mike Johnson.

And that was before we found this photo of Johnson and a baby lamb…

Immediately upon Brown giving Johnson the boot, fans started clamoring for him to take up the mantle of The Bachelor.

He’s charming, he’s funny, he’s entertaining and, yes, he’s African-American. Diversity is a good thing, right?

Now, however, we’ve come to find out that Johnson was never even contacted by ABC executives for the gig. NEVER! NOT ONCE!

This is both crushing and also confounding.

Every year, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss claims that selecting each season’s leading man is a difficult choice and that the network has a number of options to consider…

… and then every year The Bachelor just chooses the second or third-place finisher from the previous season of The Bachelorette — who is always white, of course.

It’s easy to object and to take issue with this pattern, but the following fact is also an easy one for producers to point to:

Ratings go up almost every single year.

Prior to The Bachelor spoilers revealing that Weber will be the pick, Johnson told Entertainment Tonight that he totally understands why Peter might end up with the job.

“I think Peter looks the part… when he gets a 5 o’clock shadow, he looks good too,” Johnson told this outlet, seemingly making a reference  to Weber’s skin color and adding:

“I think that Peter’s family is terrific. I’ve hung out with his brother, he’s awesome.

“His mom, you know, he’s got a little Spanish flair. I think that Peter and his family are just great.”

And in another veiled shot at Weber, Johnson continued:

“He’d be a safe Bachelor, meaning that he won’t do anything crazy obnoxious. I think it’d be a good, safe, clean season if he were the Bachelor.”

The only upside here, of course, is that Johnson is now free to pursue Demi Lovato.

But we still would have preferred to have seen him leading the way this January.

Ever diplomatic in chat with ET, Johnson concluded as follows:

“I will say this — I do think the show has worked hard to increase diversity in its casting and is continuing to evolve.

“And as it evolves, we’ll continue to see more diversity from the franchise.”

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