The 1975 Envision Animated Utopia In New ‘Don’t Worry’ Video

The 1975 have released the official music video for the song “Don’t Worry” from their latest album, Notes on a Conditional Form.

The CGI-style video revolves around the main character wandering the streets of a seemingly utopian cityscape, in which sky-rise buildings are surrounded on all sides by enveloping trees & flowering bushes, along with renewable sources of energy, including windmills to harness the potential of the wind and solar panels.

In the lavender-drenched video, the protagonist of the song finds their way to a building whose inhabitant is a person gleefully twirling inside their living room. He is, at first, embarrassed to discover the main character gazing at him but later flashes a smile and waves at him from his window.

Notes on a Conditional Form was released in late May and is the follow-up to their 2018 album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

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