Thai actress Araya Hargate is the undisputed street style star of Paris Couture Week

During Paris Haute Couture Week, there is the standard influx of the usual suspects: Olivia Palermo and a distant royal like Kitty Spencer or Princess Olympia of Greece rubbing shoulders front row, Kaia Gerber storming the runway for Chanel, and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban putting on extensive public displays of affection.

Couture week in Paris has become something of a caricature of itself, a self-aware inflation of camp where designers compete to outdo themselves and guests pull out all the stops to get the most attention.

But this year, Thai actress Araya Hargate has made her presence known throughout the power of downright flawless style.

She arrived to the Giambattista Valli show in a green snakeskin dress, her hair styled in Princess Leia buns and slim sunglasses. It was the sort of look that it was previously only thought a Hadid could pull off.

Later, she posed with perfection at the Rami Kadi showcase, wearing a glittering semi-sheer skirt and bra crop top with white blouse sleeves; her hair slicked back and adorned with myriad metallic clips on one side.

She has been using Paris as a backdrop to showcase her exquisite taste and understanding fashion. Earlier this week, she was a standout at Dior’s A-list presentation at the label’s headquarters, dressed head-to-toe in the brand.

Her street style is being documented by L’Officiel Thailand, giving a peek behind the velvet rope of what goes on behind the scenes during the flurry of couture week.

If further proof was needed that Araya has arrived was her modelling in a  beautifully ostentatious crystal veiled wedding dress by Georges Hobeika.

Since her first appearance on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in 2013, it’s been an upward turn for Araya, who joined the elite ranks of Chanel’s impossible-to-land guestlist for four years and made a splash with high end fashion houses almost instantly.

Meanwhile, Celine Dion is once again treating couture week as her own personal avant garde fashion show.

Since working with Law Roach, she has become a veritable clothes horse, but uses the City of Light to display breathtaking look after breathtaking look. Rather than feign disdain for the attention, she unashamedly revels in it, controlling the gaze of the throngs of photographers outside shows.

No easy feat at any stage in your career, but all the more impressive when you consider she was seen as anti-fashion for so many years. It’s Celine Dion’s world and we’re all just living in it.

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