SZA Seemingly Denied Entry for the 2021 VMAs Red Carpet as Shes Late

Fans are amused by the fact that the ‘Good Days’ songstress is late to the award-giving event, though some others doubt if the singer is telling the truth.

AceShowbiz -It seemed like SZA failed to set her alarm clock for the 2021 MTV VMAs on Sunday night, September 2021. The singer took to her Instagram account to share a picture of the entrance gate of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City which was already closed upon her arrival.

“They closed the red carpet,” the “Kiss Me More” singer wrote over the picture. “Lmao oh well.”

It unclears if SZA eventually graced the red carpet at the award-giving event. The “Love Galore” hitmaker, however, did attend the annual event, which saw her winning Best Collaboration award for her and Doja Cat‘s collaborative song “Kiss Me More”.

Fans were amused by the fact that SZA was late to the event. “Me if I was a celeb. Late af,” one user joked. “Now girl how you pull up that late?” another person asked in disbelief.

Someone else blasted SZA for her tardiness, “Never understood why be late to an event you know EVERYBODY is looking forward to see you? Don’t they give each artist a time frame? Show up on time then this won’t happen!” Echoing the sentiment, another person noted, “These new artists dont have the same energy as old school artists…. [Beyonce Knowles] would NEVER miss a red carpet.”

Some people, meanwhile, doubted the story as they accused SZA of lying. “Hope she ain’t lying lol,” one fan wrote. “Y’all sure she not lyin cause they say she be lying,” another user added.

The lying accusations stemmed from claims that she faked her personal information. Back in March, someone on Twitter posted a lengthy thread in which the fan accused SZA of lying about never having a TV, her freckles, her education background and some other trivial things such as her allergy to “most fruits and vegetables.”

The “Good Days” songstress appeared to respond to the claims in a series of tweets a few days later. “I hate it here,” so the singer wrote. Seemingly not wanting to entertain the fan who accused her of lying about her personal information, SZA went on to say in a separate tweet, “I’d be dead if I gave a f**k.”

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