Stephen Colbert Delivers Social Distancing ‘Late Show’ Monologue From His Bathtub! (Video)

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping Stephen Colbert!

The Late Show host delivered a special monologue on Monday night (March 16) from a surprising location, his “ultra-secure” bathtub, with his suit still on and everything in order to help lift some spirits amid coronavirus concerns.

“The government is telling all of us to avoid human contact indefinitely. And on behalf of the socially anxious everywhere, let me just say, way ahead of you! I’ve been avoiding human contact since before it was cool,” Stephen expressed during the monologue.

Stephen is calling the special episodes, “The Lather Show with Scrubbin’ Colbath!”

Stephen also slammed President Donald Trump for mixed messaging on the pandemic in his latest press conference: “The important thing was Trump was focused on the future,” Colbert said. “Yes, we will all celebrate the inauguration of anyone else.”

Watch the full monologue below…
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