Slipped through! Martin Lewis issues apology as hes called out for mishap on ITV show

Martin Lewis reveals some of the best Black Friday deals

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49-year-old financial expert Martin Lewis often attracts positive attention for his savvy pound-stretching tips, which appear on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live. 

I have no idea what happened – its all a blur

Martin Lewis

Martin tweeted last night to his 1.2 million social media followers: “I do hope you enjoyed @itvMLshow tonight.

“I have no idea what happened – its all a blur and a little exhausting.

“Hopefully though it was helpful and an enjoyable watch.”

He added of the glaring error: “PS lots of people mentioning that Adidas had an extra d in it!

“Apologies, it was a last minute addition, and slipped through, though in many ways, it was in the spirit of the programme, you got an extra letter at no cost!”

Martin, whose Twitter profile photo shows the words “I don’t do ads” emblazoned in capitals across his forehead, is certainly no stranger to helping viewers get perks at no extra cost. 

He has been well renowned throughout his career for helping cash-strapped readers of his website, as well as viewers of his TV show, to emulate his penny-pinching ways. 

Twitter users were largely unconcerned about the spelling mishap.

One user, wkd666, replied jokingly: “They need to get out more mate; just ignore them. You do a brilliant job.”

However, witty andy_hydes added: “But if you buy Adidas, and it DOES have an extra D in it, it’s probably knock-off and worth avoiding.”

David_avien echoed his sentiments with comments about sports shoes that were “genuine” and not from “that van in the car park”.

Meanwhile, Paulchapman18 took the opportunity to create a possible sexual innuendo, winking: “Double D! What was on your mind, Martin?”

Dabe1971, however, had a very different and possibly more innocent way to remember how to spell the word Adidas.

“Easy way to remember it is the acronym from the playground,” he typed. “ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About……Saving!”

Overall, viewers thanked him for a show that focused on the pitfalls of Christmas time debt and offered advice on how to avoid overspending during the upcoming festive season.

Martin has been appearing as the star of the ITV show for almost a decade, and other stints on the box have included presenting for BBC Breakfast News and Good Morning Britain.

During the lockdown, he and fellow TV star wife Lara had to socially distance themselves in their own home due to conflicting television schedules, with her using the upper floor of their home to present BBC’s Click, while Martin remained downstairs to offer money tips on ITV.

Meanwhile, Martin typically likes to compare prices over the last few festive seasons to guarantee that he is getting the best deal on each of his purchases.

Imparting some of his wisdom on the show, he has stern words that are likely to sink the hearts of shopaholics everywhere

“Do you need it, can you find it cheaper elsewhere and can you afford it?” he questioned.

“If the answer to any of those is ‘no’, don’t buy it!”

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