Sabrina Carpenter Teases Potential New Single Skinny Dipping

Sabrina Carpenter is sending fans into a frenzy!

The 22-year-old singer and actress sent out an email newsletter to fans, teasing a possible title for her next single.

In the email, she capitalized some letters for her “little detectives” to put together, and it adds up to spell “skinny dipping.”

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“hello my little detectiveS happy monday !! there is so much in the worKs I caN’t wait to tell you all about. iN the meantime You shoulD know how much I love you all hoPe you are keePING your eyes peeled. SC <3," Sabrina wrote.

While it’s unknown what EXACTLY this means, it seems to be the title of her next song. Just last week she even teased lyrics that match that title in an Instagram post.

On Wednesday, August 18th, Sabrina captioned a post, “it’ll be a Wednesday,” and shared videos, photos, and one pic of her with the words, “If we could take it all off and just exist.”

Earlier this month, she also shared a video of her playing the piano and singing. She titled it “intro,” and in another email newsletter, she shared the lyrics and wrote, “i wanted to share this with you before anything else, in the meantime don’t forget to check your emails <3"

We can’t wait to hear this new music!!!

At the start of the year, along with releasing her new song “Skin,” Sabrina revealed that she signed a new record contract with a new label.

On the acting side of things, Sabrina has a series of new projects coming – Tall Girl 2, Emergency with RJ Cyler, The Distance From Me to You adaptation, and she’s re-imagining Alice In Wonderland into a modern-day musical for Netflix!

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