Ruth Langsford on ‘danger’ hosting with Eamonn Holmes as she says ‘He likes to work alone’

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Ruth Langsford, 60, and her husband Eamonn Holmes, 60, have been co-presenters on This Morning for the latter half of the week since 2006. The married couple also tied the knot just over a decade ago.

The small-screen star has since dished on working alongside her other half on the daytime ITV show and admitted it can be “dangerous”.

Ruth’s admission comes as she explained that Eamonn tends to go off script and cover her lines when presenting on the show.

“It’s not that I follow scripts so much because I’ve worked for years with no autocue and things like that when we started,” the This Morning host explained.

“But I always read my briefs. Because I think, there’s been a young researcher who spent three hours the night before writing a brief about a guest and has done all of the research.

“Firstly, you do them the courtesy of reading [the script].”

Speaking about her husband’s approach, Ruth confessed: “Eamonn is a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy.

“He’ll scan a guest brief and he’ll never really read scripts.”

Despite this, Ruth admitted she enjoys working alongside her spouse but has to “rein him in sometimes”.

She commented: “He’s quite exciting to work with but also dangerous.

“I think we compliment each other in that way. He’s a maverick and you’re never sure where he’s going with something.”

Ruth continued: “I’ll read something but he’ll read where it says my name. He doesn’t stick to anything and I quite like that.

“I tend to be safer but also I rein him in sometimes.


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“Sometimes he needs reining in so we’re very ying and yang. We feed off each other and we both bring different qualities, skills and personalities to the same job.”

Ruth explained that the duo enjoy working together but it can be “hard” at times when it comes to conducting interviews with guests.

She continued on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast: “He might take an interview in a way that you weren’t going to take it.

“And I’ve seen that with Eamonn so many times because really he likes to work on his own.”

Ruth commented she can often feel him giving her a “palpable look” when the This Morning host asks a guest a question he wouldn’t have asked.

The broadcaster chuckled: “I always say to him, ‘Look, this is called co-presenting Eamonn.”

The couple met in 1997 before tying the knot in 2010.

Ruth and Eamonn are loved by fans for their on-screen banter and sweet display on This Morning.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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