Romesh Ranganathan wife: Comedian suffers ‘hellish week of torture’ with partner for show

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Romesh Ranganathan married his wife Leesa, who worked as a drama teacher, in 2009. The couple met in the early days of his stand-up career and he often references his other half and their three children, Alex, Charlie and Theo, in his comedy.

The 42-year-old has now addressed his family life, after the presenter filmed the second series of The Ranganation at their home in Crawley, West Sussex.

Romesh explained that due to Covid restrictions he was forced to present the show from his garage.

But the comic revealed that his other half was not impressed with how it looked and warned him to clear it out before the cameras began rolling.

Romesh confessed his partner claimed his television series would be cancelled if he didn’t get his home in order.

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“Ranganation in its original iteration is probably one of the least Covid-safe studios – it would have been a super spreader event, so I said we could do it in the garage and the set designers and staff made it look amazing,” Romesh explained.

“It was like the end of ET: all these people in full boiler suits descending on the place, which then had to be properly disinfected.”

He continued: “But doing that again was a problem – having a truck in the drive wasn’t a great look and our garage isn’t suitable for people outside the family to see.

“All of this rubbish shoved in there, it’s awful.”

Romesh added to this week’s Radio Times: “Leesa said we had to clear it all out or they would cancel me just for what I keep in the garage.

“It was a week of hellish torture of me and my wife going through the garage clearing out.”

Following their big clean up, Romesh explained that the third series has thankfully since been filmed in a studio.

Revealing the secrets to the couple’s long-lasting marriage, Romesh quipped it was spending long periods apart.


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“The key to a happy marriage is myself being absent for long periods of time,” Romesh explained.

“My wife Leesa and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next year, but if my comedy gigs petered out and I was around the house more, we’d 100 per cent be getting divorced.”

He added to the Mirror: “As a husband, I’m much more appealing when I’m not actually there at all.”

Romesh has made numerous appearances on TV comedy panel shows, and in 2016 he co-presented It’s Not Rocket Science on ITV, alongside Rachel Riley and Ben Miller.

Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

He also joined A League of Their Own as a regular panellist in 2018, replacing Jack Whitehall.

He has also presented comedy programmes Judge Romesh and The Ranganation.

The presenter also features on a travel show with fellow comedian Rob Beckett.

You can read the full interview with Romesh Ranganathan in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

The Ranganation airs tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

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