Robbie Williams soaks up the sun on a yacht in Turkey with his family

Shirtless Robbie Williams swan dives into the sea as he joins bikini-clad wife Ayda Field in larking around on a luxury yacht with their children during sun-soaked Turkey getaway

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda have whisked their children away for a sun-soaked holiday in Turkey, and the family appeared to have a blast while diving off a luxury yacht into the sea on Sunday.

Robbie, 47, appeared to be in his element as he launched himself off the vessel wearing a pair of colourful patterned swimming trunks, and Loose Women presenter Ayda, 42, quickly followed suit.

The doting mother looked sensational in a bright green bikini and was photographed doting on her eldest two children, Charlton, six, and Theodora, eight.

Holiday: Robbie Williams, 47, and his wife Ayda, 42, have whisked their children away for a sun-soaked holiday in Turkey, and the family appeared to have a blast while diving off a luxury yacht on Sunday

Robbie and Ayda also share two-year-old Colette and son Beau, one.

With his impressive collection of tattoos on display, Robbie and Charlton were sporting matching mohawks and joined by a group of friends as they splashed about in the water.

The doting parents had also set up a fun slip and slide for their children, which the family had plenty of fun playing on.                        

The yacht outing comes after Daily Mail Australia reported the star is set to fly Down Under in the coming months to begin production on his upcoming biopic, Better Man. 

Trunks: Robbie appeared to be in his element as he larked around on the vessel wearing a pair of colourful patterned swimming trunks

Doting parents: Robbie and Ayda were seen doting on their children who no doubt had a blast 

Friends: Robbie and Ayda took to the water with a group of friends and were seen sharing jokes 

Quite the party! The loved-up couple was surrounded by a large group on the yacht 

Doting father: Robbie appeared to encourage his daughter to jump into the water 

Huge: The boat rented by Robbie and Ayda was enormous 

Stunning: Ayda stunned in a bright green two-piece bikini 

Goggles: Ayda wore a pair of goggles once in the water so she could see better below the surface

Youngest child: Robbie and Ayda were seen chatting to their youngest child Beau

Splashing around: Robbie and Ayda went for a swim with their kids 

Tattoos: Robbie’s impressive collection of tattoos were on show 

Idyllic: The Williams family had an idyllic day at sea

Getting ready: Ayda helped her son with his swimming gear

The Greatest Showman’s Michael Gracey is said to be directing the upcoming project in his hometown of Melbourne.  

While exact details of the deal haven’t yet been announced, a movie source said that the project is ‘part of a $80million deal’ to ‘continue injecting money into the film industry’.

Robbie will temporarily relocate to Melbourne and security guards have been inspecting several mansions in the city for the singer.

Impressive: Robbie performed an impressive swan dive into the water

There he goes! Once climbing back on board Robbie leapt into the water again 

Washboard abs: Loose Women star Ayda put her washboard abs on display 

Skills: Robbie proved he was a skilled diver 

Stylish: Robbie strolled across the yacht’s stylish wooden decking 

Giggling: Robbie giggled away while watching his daughter run towards the water 

Commanding attention: Robbie made sure all eyes were on him 

Conversation: Robbie and Ayda appeared to have a conversation as she prepared to enter the sea

Hair up: Ayda wore her hair styled into a messy bun 

Up we go: Ayda and her daughter joined Robbie on a platform that was slightly elevated above the water

Let’s go: Robbie and his daughter swam away from the boat out into the sea

Proud parents: Robbie and Ayda watched their children enjoying the slip and slide 

How’s the water? The sea seemed to be the perfect temperature with Robbie and Ayda chatting away while treading water

Paddling: Ayda and Robbie enjoyed a paddle together 

Immaculate: Ayda was sporting an immaculate, bright pink manicure 

There she goes! Giving Robbie a run for his money, Ayda launched herself into the water

Principal cinematography set to begin in the first three months of 2022.

The news comes four months after Rocket Science reportedly inked a deal with Village Roadshow Australia to distribute the film upon release. 

The biopic will tell the story of Williams’ ascent, exploring the experiences that made him who he is, and the demons he battled both on and off the stage.

Goggles: As well as a life jacket, Robbie’s daughter wore a pair of goggles

Sunset: The sun’s reddish tint could be seen reflected on the water as the end of the day approached 

Towels: Plenty of towels were accessible on deck for the group to dry off with 

Radiant: Ayda looked radiant without so much as a spot of make-up on 

Plenty of space: There was plenty of space for the family to unwind on the upper level of the boat which boasted cushions and a seating area

Pet pooch: Robbie and Ayda’s fluffy pet dog was also visible in the background of photos 

Careful: Robbie and Ayda no doubt told their children to be careful on the boat’s steep steps

Daredevil: Daredevil Ayda appeared focused as she jumped from the boat into the water

Off he goes again: Robbie followed his wife into the water with another impressive dive

Wrapping up: Making sure not to catch a chill, Ayda wrapped up in a striped dressing gown

Sweet: Robbie smiled at Ayda as they paddled in the sea

Watchful eye: Ayda cast a watchful eye over her children as they splashed around in the water

It comes amid rumours the musician will be reimagined as a CGI monkey rather than be depicted by an actor in real life.

‘As for how we represent Robbie in the film, that bit is top secret,’ Gracey told Deadline back in February. ‘I want to do this in a really original way,’ he added.

‘I remember going to the cinema as a kid and there were films that blew me away and made me say as I sat there in the cinema, ‘I’ve never seen this before.’ I just want the audience to have that feeling.’

Taking in the views: Looking out over the sea, Robbie took in Turkey’s beautiful views

Celebration: Fist-pumping the air, Robbie appeared to celebrate something 

Follow me: Robbie led the way with his daughter swimming closely behind him 

Chic swimwear: Ayda was a vision in the brightly coloured chic two-piece 

Work: Retreating to the yacht’s upper deck, Robbie appeared to squeeze in a spot of work, getting out his laptop and plugging his headphones in 

Shirts: Robbie was presented with a white and a black football shirt which he appeared to check over

Photos: Robbie posed for photographs with one of the boat’s members of staff  

Beautiful: Robbie took in the beautiful views from one of the boat’s balconies 

Phone call: Dressed in a stylish pair of blue pyjamas, Ayda took a phone call 

Taking in the views: As she chatted away on the phone, Ayda stood at the top of the yacht’s stairs and looked out over the sea

Michael said the film will not be like Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody, which were about musical prodigies that the world had to catch up to.

He described Robbie as an ‘everyman’ who has an ‘incredibly relatable story’ about following your dreams.

Robbie found fame as a teenager as a member of Take That and found wider success when he went solo in 1996.

The film comes off the back of the success of Gracey’s Amazon documentary, Pink: All I Know So Far, following the singer, whose real name is Alecia Moore on tour.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out for comment. 

Pointing: Robbie appeared to point something out to Ayda as they spoke on the boat’s deck

Yellow hose: Using a yellow hose, Ayda sprayed the sea water off of her body 

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