Richard Sherman Arrest, Video Shows NFL Star Violently Beat On Father-In-Law's Door

Richard Sherman repeatedly and violently threw his body into his father-in-law’s door while making menacing comments toward the man … and the alarming scene was all captured on video.

The footage appears to show the 33-year-old NFL star walking up to Raymond Moss‘ porch in Redmond, Wash. on Wednesday morning … before becoming absolutely unglued.

You can see in the clip — first posted by KIMA — when Sherman could not get into Moss’ home … he shoved the door with his hands, and then crashed into it with every fiber of his 6-foot-3, 194-pound frame.

When that didn’t work … Sherman stood in front of the door — and appeared to challenge Moss to come outside and confront him.

“Come through, bitch!” Sherman said, before repeating “Come through!” over and over and over again.

Moss appeared to try to talk to Sherman from behind the locked door … but Richard responded, “I don’t give a f*** about what you’re saying! Open the door!”

“That s*** cute from behind the door,” Sherman continued. “Come through! That s*** real cute!”

It looks like Sherman then attempted once more to get into the home … and when the door still wouldn’t open, he shoved it violently several more times, before walking away.

As we previously reported, cops ended up arresting Sherman and booking him on a domestic violence burglary charge.

He went on to spend all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday behind bars … before a judge released him without bail late Thursday afternoon.

Sherman is due back in court on Friday … where he could be hit with multiple criminal charges stemming from the incident, including DUI and resisting arrest.

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