Prince Charles stumbled at COP26 & he was criticized for his carbon footprint

If I’m being honest, I doubt Queen Elizabeth would have been able to “save” the COP26 conference, had she been well enough to attend. It doesn’t need “saving,” for one, and secondly I can’t really see the Queen walking up to the stage and making an impassioned speech about the environment or climate change. She cares about those issues in a general sense, but it’s not like she would have changed hearts and minds or anything. In that sense, Prince Charles was a more than adequate replacement for the Queen. He was given the task of making one of the opening speeches for the conference in Glasgow and whoops, he flopped. Literally.

I’m not making fun of him for this. I trip over sh-t all the time, especially going up stairs without a railing! He seemed fine and I doubt he seriously hurt himself or anything. It would have been a good moment for an icebreaker joke, like “the stairs were provided by Exxon” or something.

Unfortunately for Charles, all of this attention on his hosting duties at the conference has just highlighted his environmental hypocrisy. As he spoke on climate change and the environment, social media was being flooded with information about Charles’ travel habits and wastefulness.

The main issue drawing public criticism of the royal family’s environmental credentials is not, however, the state of their lands, but their use of carbon-intensive transportation. The royal family measures and discloses their carbon emissions as part of the annual Sovereign Grant and Sovereign Grant Reserve report to the British parliament. The latest issue highlights a reduction in emissions compared to 2020 and 2019, but, while decreasing, “business travel” remains one of the highest sources of carbon emissions for the royal household. According to an analysis by energy comparison site Eco Experts, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla’s carbon footprint amounted to more than 432 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2019, largely due to the use of private jets. In comparison, the average Brit emits about 10 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Prince Charles’ initiatives have also been criticized for their links to oil and gas giants. For instance, the inclusion of BP in the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Terra Carta (Earth Charter)—a document meant to provide businesses with a roadmap to 2030 “to move towards an ambitious and sustainable future”—raised eyebrows at the time.

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Yep – and it should be noted that Charles flew out of the UK via private plane late last week, when he went to Rome for the G20 Summit. He traveled to Glasgow from Rome, also via private plane. While I think people are capable of being hypocrites in certain areas and still able to preach a worthwhile message, the royal family’s gluttonous use of private planes and helicopters is something I’ll never really understand.

The photo of Chuck and Modi is so funny.

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