Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins sells £125m company to focus on music and mayor bid

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Charlie Mullins, 68, announced yesterday his company Pimlico Plumbers had been sold, with reports suggesting it went for over £125 million. Now the company’s founder has explained how he is planning to redirect his focus to music and running for London mayor.

Yesterday it was announced Pimlico Plumbers was sold to US company Neighborly.

According to sources, the deal was between £125 million and £145 million.

Opening up about selling the company, Charlie explained what he’s up to next.

He said: “I’m starting to get interested in the music industry, that’s going extremely well.

“One act I help, Rara, has a single out called ‘Biker Boy’ in October.”

Charlie continued to The Mirror: “I don’t know anything about music but I’ve got a decent business brain, and I’m acting as a business advisor.”

The businessman also shared how he was planning to rekindle his bid to run as mayor of London and replace Sadiq Khan.

He added: “The London mayor thing, I couldn’t focus on it too much before because of Pimlico.

“One of the reasons is that people would have said it was for the benefit of Pimlico. But that’s on the cards for when they chuck the geezer out or he steps down.”

Charlie had previously shared how he wanted to run for mayor in 2018 ahead of the latest elections.

News of Pimlico Plumbers being sold to Neighborly was announced yesterday.

Part of the deal sees founder Charlie offload his 90 per cent stake in the company.

However, his son, Scott Mullins, is expected to retain his 10 per cent and continue as Pimlico Plumbers’ chief executive.

Charlie founded the business back in 1979 with what he recalls as a second-hand van and a box of tools.

Since then, the company has grown to complete an average of 100,000 service jobs in central London every year.

Pimlico Plumbers employs more than 400 people and currently makes more than £50 million in revenue yearly.

Speaking to the BBC, Charlie shared how the pandemic had led to increased calls, going from 2,000 to 3,000 jobs per week.

He said: “Covid helped to lift the company to another level. It now needs to go international.

“The business will always be something I will cherish.

“It has been a lifetime of work, and what it has achieved is remarkable. Neighborly will take that to the next level.”

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