Piers Morgan mistaken for Jeremy Clarkson while ‘deeply’ hungover: ‘My smile disappeared’

Piers Morgan reveals that his book Wake Up is a bestseller

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Piers Morgan was enjoying breakfast at a cafe following a boozy night out at the weekend, when he was approached by an excited fan. Much to the TV star’s disappointment, the person actually thought he was former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Piers revealed that he was “deeply hungover” when the incident occurred, following a night at private members’ club 5 Hertford Street.

The 56-year-old was approached by the fan outside a local cafe.

He was less than impressed by the case of mistaken identity.

The former Good Morning Britain host recounted the story in his column for The Mail on Sunday.

The presenter penned: “‘Excuse me, sir,’ he said in a Scandinavian accent, ‘but it is you? The TV presenter?’

“I smiled and nodded. ‘It is, yes’.”

Piers explained that the man was extremely excited by the situation.

“‘I knew it! Mr Clarkson from Top Gear! It is so great to meet you, I’m a massive fan!’

“My smile disappeared faster than Boris Johnson is currently deleting his text messages,” Piers continued.

Piers and Jeremy, 61, recently reconciled after having a feud which lasted over a decade.

The pair regularly threw shade at each other in the media.

Sometimes their encounters were face-to-face and became physical.

The Grand Tour star once threw a glass of water over the former Newspaper editor and even punched him in the face.

In 20014, Jeremy spoke about the incident, which occurred during the final flight of concord.

The TV star said: “He [Piers] was seated in the row behind me, droning on about his brilliance, so as we began our descent into London, and an inevitable encounter with the waiting bank of television cameras, I turned round and emptied a glass of water into his crotch.”

“’Look,’ I said to journalists as we walked down the aircraft steps, ‘the idiot’s wet himself,’” Jeremy told The Sunday Times.

The car enthusiast later punched Piers at the 2004 British Press Awards.

He is said to have taken an issue with the stories that had been written about him.

Years later, Piers and Jeremy admitted that they didn’t have the energy to continue their feud.

This came during a drinking session in West London.

At the time, Piers wrote of the reconciliation in his column: “‘I’m actually relieved,’ I replied [to Jeremy], ‘because I’ve run out of vile epithets in the English language to deploy about you.”

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