Perri Kiely TikTok: Diversity star on life in the spotlight & Tik Tok success – ‘so great’

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Perri Kiely first hit our screens on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 as part of street dance troupe Diversity. As one of the youngest members of the group, Perri soon became known for his backflips which were incorporated in the routines of the group. Perri, who is currently partnering up with Glasses Direct spoke to on what it was like growing up within the spotlight.

Many will remember Perri as one of the youngest members of Diversity as he became known for performing backflips within the routines.

Perri was just 12-years-old when Diversity took to Britain’s Got Talent.

The group later won the series in 2009 where their career as performers took off.

Talking of his rise to fame at such a young age to, Perri said: “[It was] Really mad actually because I was so young and dancing was my hobby, that was something I really loved to do, I went like once or twice a week or whatever it was.

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“Dancing for me was the first thing I found that I was like oh my god this is what I really want to do.

“But it was almost like overnight because obviously, we entered the competition [Britain’s Got Talent].

“It was overnight that it went from my hobby to my job and like who has a job at like 12.

“But that’s the thing because I enjoy it so much, I never see that switch.

“It was never like ‘oh ok now it’s work’ like I just feel like I am literally doing my hobby like I’m living the dream.

“But it is a weird thing because when you’re at that age, it’s amazing.

“We have been able to sell out the O2 Arena and stuff but to go from dancing at the O2 and then having to get home early because I have got school the next day.

“It’s a weird life to live especially when your that young but very cool at the same time, very few people get to experience that so I’m very proud of it.”

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Perri went on to talk of how lockdown was a time of reflection for him.

The Dancing on Ice star said: “One thing I discovered in the last lockdown was I think I really focused on just being me.

“I think it’s really important, don’t feel like you have to do something get through it at your own pace and I think that it a huge achievement in itself.

“Mental health-wise it was the first time that I managed to stop and have a look and think do you know what this is crazy there is a bit of time to reflect here.

“I think that’s why it is so nice that things like Tik Tok was so great because I wasn’t worried about what people think I was almost just putting out there what I wanted to. And I think that’s the best way to be.”

Perri went on to talk of how found success on the app: “Before the lockdown hit my Tik Tok was alright, but it didn’t really pop off really properly until lockdown.

“I think because we are all looking for something to do, and Tik Tok for me was that thing, and I think that was the nice thing for me like it wasn’t artificial.”

Elsewhere Perri has partnered up with Glasses Direct as they look into the latest trends in eyewear.

Talking of his partnership, Perri said: “Glasses are a big part of who I am. I have worn them for years, and you know if I am choosing an outfit for the day or I am going something different I always put on a different pair of glasses to match that and so yeah I’m super lucky to be partnering up with Glasses Direct.”

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