Paul Sinha: The Chase star in lengthy Twitter spat over ‘incompetent’ Boris Johnson

Paul Sinha, 49, took to Twitter to share his thoughts after Boris Johnson, 55, officially took over Theresa May yesterday. The Chase star, who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, spoke out in view of his 122,000 followers, writing: “I’m not saying Boris becoming PM is depressing, but it’s the worst thing to happen in my life in the last two months.” After spotting the post, one user took to the comments section of his tweet to disagree with his statement. They wrote back: “Virtue signalling of the highest order by just deciding he’s no good before he’s done a tap wrong or right.”

I judge Boris on things that he’s said and things that he’s done.

Paul Sinha

They then added the political news was “also a fantastic opportunity to wind up the snowflakes”, alongside three crying with laughter emojis.

Paul noticed the comments and quickly responded by criticising their “argument”.

The quizzer sarcastically replied: “‘Snowflakes’ and emojis. The twin weapons against actual facts. Great work, great argument.”

The user then engaged in the debate as he wrote back to Paul: “Did I want an argument or is my work here already done? Like I said a fantastic opportunity to wind you lot up.”

The Sinnerman fumed in response: “Hey, I judge Boris on things that he’s said and things that he’s done. You choose braindead, default c***sucking of the rich and famous. Good luck with your lifestyle choice, your emojis can’t help you now.”

The Twitter user went on to accuse Paul of living in a “far left paradise”, to which he fired back: “Great argument. All I ask for is a PM who doesn’t have a long documented track record of incompetent buffoonery. 

“There were about five Tory candidates who would have got no moaning from me.”

The argument escalated between the pair when Paul wondered why assumptions were being made about how he votes.

The Twitter user wrote: “There are probably five that probably would have been better but that’s not the way it works. F**k me there must be about 50 in labour better than Corbyn but you’re stuck with him.”

The debate continued when Paul tweeted: “I have literally no idea why you are making assumptions about how I vote,” to which the critic replied: “Well you’re making assumptions about the way I do. Hint – I never voted Tory.”

The ITV favourite then concluded the spat when he wrote in response: “I’ve not made a single assumption about how you vote. 

“Only that you are happy to ignore the fact that Boris has a long history of incompetence because, hey, snowflakes. 

“Btw the long history is fully documented.”(sic)

Paul Sinha’s Twitter row comes after he spoke out about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis after experiencing several health issues at the end of May.

At the time, the Chaser wrote alongside a link to a blog post: “I have Parkinson’s disease. 

“I will fight this with every breath I have.” 

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