Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen candidly admits she has ‘no clue’ what future holds

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen discusses new book

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Amanda Owen, 45, admitted she has “no clue” what the future holds for her, her family and their bustling life on Ravenseat farm. The Yorkshire Shepherdess has her work cut out running the 2,000 acre rural estate, and takes it one day at a time.

Future plans for me are this afternoon and tomorrow

Amanda Owen

In a recent interview Amanda revealed while nothing is set in stone, her passion for what she does keeps her on the right path to success.

“Future plans for me are this afternoon and tomorrow,” she giggled.

“After that, we’ll just wait and see.

“I have no clue!”

She added: “All I know is that we are really proud of what we do here, and that sense of pride is what keeps you on the right road.”

And with that pride, the TV sensation firmly believes in showing the ups and downs of the farming lifestyle.

She admitted that by “sexing” up the job for TV, it isn’t providing viewers with a real account of the goings-on in the heart of the country.

Her Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm has become a huge hit with fans since it made it’s debut in 2018 and during lockdown, the docuseries was filmed by Amanda herself with the help of her nine children.

But although the task of filming the show herself was challenging, it was also an opportunity to show the gritty yet heartwarming tale of life on the farm.

“It was a challenge certainly,” she said.

“But in a way, it was one of those challenges where it was an opportunity to showcase what you actually do.

“As soon as you start ‘sexing’ things up, you lose what it’s about,” she explained.

And it seems to be working a treat, as the programme’s ratings are going form strength to strength as more viewers tune in to find out what the Owen’s have been up to on Ravenseat Farm.

But with every success comes negativity, and by sharing her life on-screen and with her fans on social media, the shepherdess has had to adopt a way of overcoming criticism from her peers.

With more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and 179,000 on Twitter, Amanda admitted she was surprised at how popular the Owen’s have become.

“I feel like our programme is watched by two distinct types of people: those who know and those who don’t,” she told Farmers Weekly.

“And if you can keep both watching, then you’re doing something right!”

But the former model revealed she always receives criticism online when she posts a photo, admitting she often feels “judged” by others.

“In this day and age, it’s really difficult to do your own thing and feel like you can do that without people judging you,” she said, referring specifically to sharing pictures of her children.

“I put a picture of the children climbing up a barn and 99.9 percent of people will say, ‘That’s great, that’s what I used to do when I was kid.’

“But 0.1 percent will say ‘Where’s the helmet, where’s the climbing harness?'”

However, the Yorkshire Shepherdess defends her attitude, adding: “It’s about gently introducing the idea of what could happen and what if.”

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