Olivia Munn Admits Her Pregnancy With John Mulaney Was Revealed Before She Was 'Ready To Talk About It'

Dealing with pregnancy in the public eye can’t be easy — and it may have been extra difficult for Olivia Munn.

Celeb pregnancies always garner attention to some degree, but hers was particularly talked-about. It came hot on the heels of John Mulaney’s relapse, rehab, and divorce from his wife Anna Marie Tendler, so there was a lot of interest in his new relationship and sudden pregnancy with Olivia. Unfortunately, that only added to what was already a somewhat stressful situation for the actress.

During this week’s appearance on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, the Newsroom alum admitted to some anxiety when the pregnancy leaked. She shared:

“I think what was harder was when you have people talking about it and leaking it out there before I’m ready to talk about it. You know, since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve had four different girlfriends lose their pregnancies all after the safe zone, three months, two at four months and one at five, six months. And I also have an auto immune disorder and, I’m 41. And so there are a lot of elements that come into play when you’re pregnant and there’s a lot of fear and you want to like, do everything you can to protect your baby.”

Completely understandable.

As you may know, the baby news broke because of some paparazzi photos where the former Daily Show correspondent was sporting a clear bump. Shortly after, her comedian BF confirmed the story on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In fairness, Olivia empathized with the fans, saying:

“I understand the interest. I’m always interested. I’m super interested when people are pregnant. I want to see what they’re wearing, especially now I want to see all that stuff. But when it’s happening to you and you feel like you have no control over when you announce, or what if something bad happens? What if I lose the baby, then it’s already been out there that I have it before I was ready to tell that information. Now I have to live with this. And then the stress of that just compounded everything. So that’s, that was what was more difficult for me.”

The X-Men: Apocalypse star revealed that she was on “doctor’s orders” to de-stress “because I was at a really risky place with my autoimmune disorder and the pregnancy.” As such, she’s been taking it easy, and joked that her clothing was only the “second sweat” she’d put on in a while. She explained:

“This is the second outfit that I’ve worn in like months. I usually just wear this one sweat suit over and over. Sometimes I’ll put another shirt over the sweatpants, but that’s been actually a big relief for me. Cause I’m like, ‘Ah… I’ll just stay home.’ Like you said… all of the pandemic life and it’s totally fine. I no longer, like I’m not worrying about anything else besides ‘Does it fit? Do I feel okay?’ And that’s it.”

As comfortable as the pandemic may have allowed her to be, it’s got to be a scary time to be bringing a kid into the world, on top of everything else. We hope the rest of her pregnancy is smooth, easy, and stress free as possible.

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