Niall Horan Says He Couldn't Live in New York City Without His $400 Dyson Hairdryer, Calls It His 'Essential No. 1'

Niall Horan is a singer, songwriter, and former member of the ultra-popular boy band One Direction. Horan rose to be a celebrity as a member of One Direction, and when the band disbanded in 2016, Horan emerged as a solo artist. These days, Horan is a high-profile performer, with his songs “Slow Hands” and “Too Much to Ask” making waves with his fan base.

In addition to his skills as a singer, Horan is known for his good looks, particularly his luxurious, healthy-looking hair. In a recent interview with GQ, Horan opened up about how he takes care of his hair, revealing the one essential that he can’t live without. 

Niall Horan relies on his super-expensive hairdryer

In his interview with GQ, Niall Horan talked about all of his essential products and favorite items. “This Dyson hairdryer,” Horan said right off the bat, holding up the cult-classic Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, which costs close to $400. “Best thing that ever happened. I’ve got quite crazy hair, so I needed something to help me control the madness.”

Horan went on to describe how “I would never be able to live in New York City for instance, so this thing is vital. This goes everywhere with me. I even have one for America, one for the U.K., so I don’t have to switch around with the old adaptors and the power and stuff…this is essential number one, for sure.”

Horan raves about the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, but there are several other items that the young singer considers to be quite essential, including a paper mask by Sarah Chapman, which Horan likes to get a “bit of moisture” in his skin, which often gets dry from lots of traveling.

What are Niall Horan’s other essential items?

Niall Horan went on to detail how he considers his Hydro Flask refillable water jug essential because he drinks a lot of water and likes to do his part to save the planet in his own small way. Horan’s personal guitar is another essential, with Horan revealing that he wrote his last two albums using his Lowden brand Irish guitar, made by a small company that takes great pride in their work. 

According to Horan, sunglasses are a “must,” as is a good baseball cap and a set of golf clubs. The former One Direction star, an avid golfer, owns a golf management company and is a self-described “golf nerd.” Horan counts his Paul Smith suit as a true essential on the style front, revealing that “every suit I put on has to be Paul Smith.” He also travels with a hand steamer to keep his clothes wrinkle-free and texture mousse for his hair, courtesy of London haircare brand Larry King. 

Niall Horan’s Dyson hairdryer is a celeb favorite

Niall Horan isn’t the only celebrity who loves Dyson brand hairdryers. Stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba, and Kendall Jenner have all raved about the Dyson Supersonic, with Huntington-Whiteley revealing that “I was a little dubious about this, to be honest, because it’s a hair dryer, and it has quite a big price tag attached to it. But after using it for the first few times, it truly, truly blew me away. No pun intended.”

Although the Dyson Supersonic is certainly expensive, with the latest models priced at $400 before tax and shipping, fans who want a celeb-style blowout that rivals Niall Horan’s glorious coiffure should consider adding the gold-standard piece to their collection. It might just take your hair game to new heights. 

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