Mother Teresa’s Ex Assistant Mark Bloomfield Dead After Bar Fight

A charity worker and former assistant to Mother Teresa has died after a brutal bar brawl in the United Kingdom.

Mark Bloomfield, 54, died in a hospital over the weekend from his injuries. The fight occurred outside a bar in Wales three days earlier, according to South Wales police.

It’s unclear what triggered the vicious beat down, but police have so far arrested a 61-year-old man and charged him with causing “grievous bodily harm.”

A 21-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were initially arrested and then released. They are still being investigated in connection to the matter.

Bloomfield’s family voiced their heartbreak over his death in a statement provided by police.

“Mark Bloomfield built a legacy that will continue to live on in the countless lives that he encountered,” they said. “As special assistant to Mother Teresa in Calcutta, he was an essential contributor to her mission and to those she cared for.”

Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who famously worked with the poor in India, died in 1997 at age 87. Following her death, Bloomfield worked tirelessly to keep her legacy alive.

“In India, he organised free cataract surgery camps and founded schools that gave rare access to education for girls. In Africa, he helped preserve wild game by introducing ultralight aircraft to combat the onslaught of poachers,” the family said.

Bloomfield’s organs will be donated.

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