Monty Don real name: Gardeners’ World host name sham and how wife Sarah HATES it

Monty Don shows off flooding in his garden in 2020

Monty Don, 65, has become one of the most popular factual presenters of his time. His memorable name tends to stick in the minds of those who watch him, but the Gardeners’ World host revealed that his family and friends refuse to use the abbreviated term and will only call him by his real name – Monatgu.

My wife Sarah has never, ever called me Monty

Monty Don

He spoke about the sham in his book The Jewel Garden, which he co-wrote with his wife Sarah, and explained where and why the name ‘Monty’ arose.

Born George Montagu Don named after his two grandfathers, he admitted it was changed after his dad’s father George, refused to have his name associated with that of Monty’s mother’s dad.

Speaking of his mum’s “beloved” dad with such loving tenderness, his tone seemed to change as he turned his attention to his dad’s side of the family.

He penned: “My father’s tyrannical father said that he did not wish for his name to be associated with such as an absurd name as Montagu.

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“Stung perhaps by grief, my parents for once stood up to the old ogre and dropped George from the equation, adding my father’s name, Denis.”

He continued to explain that when he was 10-years-old, he made the conscious decision to add his mother’s maiden name to his official title: “So by a circuitous route, I accumulated the name Montagu Denis Wyatt Don.”

But unlike many of us, Monty revealed that when he was younger his name wasn’t shorted in their household, due to the fact his mother “hated” the name ‘Monty’.

However, it all changed for him outside of their family home after mentioning this hatred to a pal at school, and from there on the nickname inevitably stuck.

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“There was a sing-song, sneering tone to it,” he recalled.

“I assumed that it was not used in anything other than a hostile way.”

Monty admitted that he carried that assumption until he was a fully fledged adult, experiencing more and more people shortening his name, but this time in a friendly way.

“My real name was Montagu and family and real friends still always called me that,” he said before admitting his wife Sarah has “never, ever” called him Monty.

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Elsewhere, the horticultural sensation took to Instagram on Monday after taking a walk down memory lane.

He shared a picture from three decades ago to the social media site, which sent his 729,000 followers into a frenzy with many noticing that his appearance hadn’t changed much since the 1990s.

Other fans joked that he looked like a member of a boyband in the photograph.

In the snap, Monty pulled a serious pose for the studio shot.

He sported a mop of dark hair and stared down the lens of the camera.

Monty wore a black T-shirt and denim shirt in front of a blue background.

“Found this in a drawer – taken about 1990 I think – my daytime TV days,” he captioned the photo that oozed nostalgia.

The TV star kicked off his on-screen career with a spot on This Morning in 1989, presenting a gardening segment before going on to host his own shows such as Real Gardens, Lost Gardens, and Don Roaming.

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