Monica’s Estranged Husband Makes Light of Their Split, Says Divorce Is ‘Nothing’

Shannon Brown says he’s ‘fine’ despite the end of his marriage to the singer and his wife of eight years, insisting that the stories about their divorce have been blown up ‘for entertainment purposes.’

AceShowbizMonica‘s estranged husband Shannon Brown seems to be unbothered by their ongoing divorce. The professional basketball player appeared in the Tuesday, July 16 episode of VH1’s “Sister’s Circle”, where he was asked how he’s dealing with the divorce while co-parenting their kid.

Hinting that his marital issue is not a big deal, he stated, “I haven’t been going through a lot of nothing.” Claiming that stories about their divorce have been exaggerated, he added, “I feel like a lot of people take stories that they hear and they kind of blow it up for entertainment purposes. I learned how to ignore the negativity and just keep pushing forward. I think that’s what it’s all about.”

“And it’s funny because I think a lot of people got the same idea,” he went on sharing, before insisting that he’s fine. “When they see me they’re like ‘Are you OK?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m fine,’ ” the 33-year-old athlete said. “It’s part of it, though, when you’re in the public eye. You’ve got to be able to deal with whatever come along with it. I’m strong in my faith and my spirituality, so that’s what pull me or push me.”

The interview has prompted many responses from viewers, who mostly side with Monica. “So your family breaking up don’t affect you… I see why she left,” someone wrote on the comment section of the YouTube video. ” ‘Til he do right by Monica, everythang he thank about gone crumble!!!” another slammed the former Cleveland Cavaliers star.

Some others brought up reports of Shannon’s alleged cheating behavior. “All I see is CHEAT on his face… sorry…,” one commented. Another snarkily responded, “I’m glad he can ignore his wife but not the side chick… Okay!!”

Someone else, however, still praised the shooting guard, “Shannon Brown is such a class act.” Another similarly commented, “Wishing him more blessings and success.” One other only wished the best for the former couple, writing, “Everyone has something they’re dealing with, he seems like he wants the best but sometimes it takes growth and I’m sure it’s even harder in front of a camera…..hoping the best for Shannon and Monica as a family.”

Monica filed for divorce from Shannon in March of this year, after eight years of marriage. They have one child together, 5-year-old daughter Laiyah. She also has two sons, Rocko, 14, and Romelo Montez Hill, 11, from her relationship with rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill.

Appearing on “RuPaul Show” in June, Monica said it wasn’t a third person that led to their divorce, though she had been dealing with it in the past. “Luckily, for us, it wasn’t another person that was the issue but in the times that I’ve experienced that, I definitely act out very harshly,” she admitted. “So that part of the growth has been good. Me being hurt repeatedly allowed me to say, ‘Okay, how do you deal with hurt?’ “

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