MoneyBagg Yo Throws Soda Can at Ari Fletcher on IG Live

The model and businesswoman keeps asking her rapper boyfriend to give her a goodbye kiss, but he throws a soda can at her instead and causes her phone to make static noises.

AceShowbizAri Fletcher had a not-so-nice incident when she held an Instagram Live session on Friday, July 24. The model and businesswoman was talking with her boyfriend, MoneyBagg Yo, when the rapper suddenly threw what appeared to be a soda can at her.

During the session, Ari turned away from the camera for a while to ask MoneyBagg to give her a goodbye kiss. The “No Sucker” rapper apparently didn’t hear what Ari said because he then could be heard asking back, “The f**k did you say?” In response, the baby mama of G Herbo (Lil Herb) repeated, “Why are you gonna leave without giving me a kiss goodbye.”

MoneyBagg didn’t answer her question. Instead, a soda can was thrown at her. Some of the content inside the can spilled on her phone and caused the device to make static noises. Ari was visibly shocked by what happened and quickly looked back at MoneyBagg.

Fans were not liking what they saw, though there were some people who dubbed the moment couple goals. Reacting to those people, one commented, “This funny?! This goals?! For asking for a KISS goodbye?!” Someone added, “true lol, never understood why they think ‘hood n***a’ mean he supposed to disrespect ya a** and they be thinking that s**t cute.”

One person got sarcastic, “We love a borderline abusive relationship,” while one other said, “Wowwww the disrespect is REALLLLLL , s**t not even funny , I would’ve been hurt cause for 1 she trynna be lovey Dovey and 2 I’m on live.” An individual wrote, “Uhmm ?!? I would’ve chased him and grabbed him by his damn ears and made him lick all that soda off the damn counter till it’s all gone cause we ain’t little kids out here the f***.”

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