Mike Posner Hospitalized After Rattlesnake Bite In Colorado

Here’s hoping Mike Posner sees a fast recovery from this rattlesnake bite!

The I Took A Pill In Ibiza singer is walking coast to coast across the country right now as part of his “Walk Across America” adventure, but he got himself into a little hiccup in Colorado this week after being bitten by a rattlesnake! Oh, no — talk about a scary time!

The Grammy-nominated musician, known for catchy pop tracks like Cooler Than Me, is trekking across America this year with a full Forrest Gump-style beard and all, and drawing attention for his cause along the way. The 31-year-old artist was stopped by the rattlesnake in Colorado, though, and the bite forced him to go to a hospital for treatment. It must be quite the thing for him to go from walking up to 25 miles a day to sitting in a hospital bed waiting patiently to recover!

Luckily, it appears he’s going to be all right thanks to quick treatment by docs in the mountain state… Posner himself shared news of the event along with video of him at the hospital on Twitter the other day, as you can see (below):

Wow!!! That is so scary, not even gonna lie!!

Things really blew up on Saturday, though, when Posner shared a second update video of him recovering from the bite — and working hard to walk again with an attendant helping him and a walker right in front!

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Wow… at least he’s in good spirits and sure appears to be inspiring those around him!!

Rattlesnake bites are no joke, either — we’re very glad he got the care he needs and he’s quickly on the mend. Amen for good health care and great first responders!

Along with the video, Posner added this caption about his experience getting back to good while at his small, unplanned rest stop in Colorado (below):

“From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to bathroom. I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity. HUGE shout outs to Stephanie, Fergie, Bo, Angie, Eddie, mike, dr black, dr van Birmingham, dr Gordon, dr Shapiro, Natalie, carol, Megan, Jeremy, and my whole family in ICU. Molly and her husband from PT are gonna come help me walk again tomorrow. KEEP GOING.”

Keep going, indeed! Here’s to you getting better soon, and you can continue your journey across the country, Mike!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! What do U think about Mike’s long trek across the country??

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