Meghan Markle Was the Sweetest Best Friend/Cheerleader at Serena Williams' US Open Game Last Night

Wow, you guys, we all need to get ourselves a BFF like Meghan Markle. Not only did the Duchess fly more than 3,000 miles across the world to see her good friend Serena Williams play in the US Open (after watching her play in Wimbledon a few months earlier), but she was also the sweetest cheerleader for Serena at the game yesterday.

Clearly, Meghan has chosen to ignore the mommy-shamers who are upset that she left baby Archie in England for a few days (as if Harry can’t handle watching his own son for a day or two?), cause Megs was having a GREAT time at the game last night supporting her friend.

Throughout the matches, Meghan was not hiding now she felt—here she is, very happy about one of Serena’s plays:

Here she is smiling cutely, I assume because she’s so proud of her friend:

Here she is really amped about something that Serena did on the court:

Here she is clapping for Serena:

Here she is praying for Serena:

Here she is looking very serious about a tennis-related incident (and yes, that is Anna Wintour and Venus Williams behind her):

And I have no idea what she might be reacting to here, but it looks like there are a lot of emotions going on:

Plus here’s a pic of her whole outfit, cause I know you wanna see it:

So basically, someone please remind me to get tickets to Serena’s next game, cause I *must* see Meghan’s very animated cheering in person!

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