Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton: U R My Bestie! Slayyy Kweeen LOL

For over a year now, reports about the alleged feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have dominated tabloid headlines.

Rumored causes of the spat varied wildly from one source to the next, but insiders concurred that Kate and Meg simply don’t like each other and never got along from the start.

Sources claimed the duchesses couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with one another.

Of course, that narrative pretty much exploded when we saw Kate and Meghan at Wimbledon together earlier this month.

The women seemed to be thoroughly enjoying one another’s company at the iconic event, and Kate was spotted consoling Meghan after her friend Serena Williams was eliminated from the tournament.

No doubt, the scene came as quite a shock to the many who spent the past year convinced that Meghan and Kate are mortal enemies.

But apparently, insiders have known for quite some time that Meg and Kate are far from rivals.

In fact, one source claims the duchesses are BFFs who text on a daily basis!

“Kate was a great source of support to Meghan in the days leading up to Archie’s birth,” a source tells The Daily Mail.

“Despite reports of a rift, they are family and have a really lovely friendship. Their relationship has certainly evolved over time and they have become closer since Meghan’s wedding.”

Yes, there have been reports of Meghan and Kate bonding over motherhood, but apparently, their friendship began well before Meg welcomed little Archie into the world.

“They talk and text regularly,” the source says.

“They have more in common, and Kate has wanted to make sure Meghan has felt welcome into the family.”

Of course, there are still some pretty clear indications that Middleton and Markle were less than besties for at least a few months there.

After all, Meghan and Harry moved out of Kensington Palace and formed their own separate charitable organization in order to distance themselves from the Cambridges.

But that move might have been the result of the long-rumored feud between William and Harry!

We may have to wait a few decades before a royal memoir or two sheds some light on exactly what went on with these four.

For now, we’re just happy to see Kate and Meg bonding like the dope duchesses they are.

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