McCain knocks Behar during non-political discussion: 'Can't go a segment without talking about Trump'

Megan McCain finds some 2020 Democratic candidates laughable

During Friday’s taping of “The View”, the co-hosts were previewing next week’s Democratic debates. When the topic turned to some of the candidates outside of the frontrunners tier, Megan McCain took some digs at the longshots.

"View" host Meghan McCain knocked her co-host Joy Behar on Thursday, joking that she couldn't make it through any of the show's segments without bringing up President Trump.

The ladies were discussing a story about a 10-year-old child who threw a tantrum after losing to his cousin in a game of foosball, apparently because, his parents said, he was raised to think he should never lose. When he lost, the cousin's parents reportedly made him say that he won by cheating.

"And that little boy was Donald Trump," Behar joked, provoking laughter and applause. McCain seemed slightly annoyed, shaking her head. "Can't go a segment, can't go a segment without talking about Trump," McCain said.

Behar added that her comment was a play on of a remark Sen. Kamala Harris', D-Calif., made during the first Democratic primary debate. McCain didn't seem amused.

This wasn't the first time McCain and Behar clashed over Trump, although neither are fans of the president.

In June, the two got into a heated discussion about how popular Trump was with voters. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg eventually stepped in and tried to break up the spat.

On Tuesday, the two disagreed over Behar's call for Americans not to fill out the citizenship question on the Census if Trump decided to add it for 2020.

Behar has a long history of making jokes at the president's expense. She's previously said that Trump doesn't "read," was "one cheeseburger away from a keeling over," and, among other things, claimed it was "funny" for him to claim he didn't engage in "cover-ups."

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