Matt Hancocks special treatment over Im A Celeb phone sparks fury

I’m A Celeb: Andrew Neil swipes at Matt Hancock

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Matt Hancock, 44, is said to have been given access to his laptop so he could respond to urgent work emails, having landed in Australia ahead of his appearance on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. The move, which has been branded “special treatment” might shock fans as Matt’s other campmates, which include Mike Tindall MBE and singer Boy George, had to ditch any contact with the outside world after landing in the country, only having Netflix and a home gym for company.

Following the claims, sources close to Matt told The Mirror that his computer usage was monitored so that he could not contact loved ones, only completing essential work.

The source said: “Matt does not have his personal phone at all and any laptop access is for constituency and monitored Zoom work purposes only whilst in isolation.

“Matt does not have general internet access.

“It has been agreed that Matt will be informed about any urgent constituency matter.”

The special treatment of the West Suffolk MP is said to be allowed as it will help members of the public. However, the news has caused ourage on social media.

Twitter user Alan Turnbull tweeted: “@antanddec if its true about Matt Hancock going in jungle with laptop and his phone is a disgrace won’t be watching time to finish this show.” (sic)

In another tweet, Alan even called for the end of I’m A Celebrity altogether, writing: “If its true its time the show finished for good scraping bottom of barrel.”

Whilst another, who goes under the username Redrogpart4 wrote: “Ifrumours of @MattHancock having his phone and laptop in #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere are true I hope he sees just how hated he is. I hope he is kept in to the end and terrorised every single day with the worst challenges gets no stars so camp mates turn on him.”

When Matt’s involvement in the show was first announced, he claimed that he would still be able to respond to urgent emails whilst living in camp, a claim that has since been proved untrue.

In a written piece on Wednesday, Matt himself said: “As an MP, my first priority is to my constituents.

“I have agreed with the show’s producers that I can be reached at any point on any urgent constituency matters.”

In another respnose to the news, Twitter user Kate replied in a more sarcastic manner, they wrote: “Dear @imacelebrity when @MattHancock goes into the jungle, could he be. In an isolated shed, a good view of the camp, communicating once a day & only released if others agree to allow him to be following guidance – they have no obligation to do so – thank you #rightsforresidents.”

A critical aspect of the show is the premise that the camp is isolated from the real world, an aspect that executive producer Olly Nash said would “absolutely” be the case this year too.

Responding to an inquiry by the publication, an ITV spokesperson said: “You are correct to say that celebs cannot speak to the outside world at all unless there are exceptional circumstances ie. an emergency.”

It is still unknown when exactly Matt will enter the camp, with the majority of his fellow campmates having entered the Australian bush in various forms on Saturday, with the first live show having aired on Sunday, November 6.

The other late entry is expected to be comedian Seann Walsh, 36.

ITV defended the booking of Matt last week after hosts Ant and Dec teased the appearance of the MP on last night’s show.

Since news broke that he has signed up to go into the jungle, he has been suspended from the Conservative party and there has been a public outcry for him to resign altogether.

Currently still an MP, as he hasn’t lost his constituency, Matt is now considered independent and without a party, and will remain so unless the whip is restored.

Having been told ITV had been criticised back home in the UK, Executive producer Olly set the record straight.

They said: “It’s always an individual’s choice to come into camp, isn’t it? And at any point, any celebrity can say I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

“So that’s the only thing really to add. I think.

“Nobody has to do the show in the same way and nobody has to stay in camp and nobody has to do a trial. So it’s up to any celebrity to make that choice.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues with the second live show tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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