Mary Berry on why she decided to ban phones during family holiday

She’ll never share pictures of her legs looking like hot dogs from her sunbed, on her annual trips to the Canaries.

Mary Berry admits she confiscates her family’s phones for an entire week on holidays, to force everyone to speak to one another.

“Granny has all the phones,” she said of her five grandchildren.

“My own children say, ‘Mum you can be in charge of phones.’ So they hand them in to me and they’re allowed them for half an hour in the mornings and an hour and a half at night while we’re getting supper. And it works.”

Mary has previously said she installs a “Downing Street rule” where her family hand in their phones when they come over for Sunday lunch.

Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival on Saturday, she said: “Your children will begin to talk to you when they tummies are full.

“You don’t know what’s going on in a house unless you all sit down together and chat.”

Although Mary has moved to a new home without a specific room for entertaining.

“My husband nearly died when we were not having a dining room,” she joked. “I reminded him how often we used it.”

Mary Berry  was a staple on  the Great British Bake Off  for the six years it was on the BBC.

During those series the octogenarian impressed with her much-coveted wardrobe and dropped jaws with her filthy innuendos.

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