Mariah Carey Accidentally Texted Shawn Mendes On St. Patrick’s Day

Mariah Carey didn’t have the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The ‘Fantasy’ singer thought she was texting an inside joke to her cousin, but actually, she had sent the message to Shawn Mendes!

In another case of Celebrity Mad-Libs, Mariah Carey texted “Happy Thanksgiving” to Shawn Mendes on accident. This absurdity was too bizarre for Mariah, 52, to keep to herself. “My cousin Shawn M and I have this silly joke where we tell each other ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on St. Patrick’s Day,” Mariah tweeted in the early hours of Mar. 18, long after the holiday’s festivities. “@ShawnMendes found out about it today…sorry, Shawn!!” ‘

To prove this, Mariah included a screenshot of her text exchange. “Happy Thanksgiving!!!!” Mariah texted, along with an autumn leaf. “Wrong Shawn. Sorry,” added Mariah, after she quickly realized her mistake. “Also, I do realize it is NOT Thanksgiving. Haha.” Shawn, 23, seemingly took it in stride. “hahahaha okay I figured it was an inside joke [heart emojis.].” Fans will have to wait to see if, in seven months’ time, the Ontario-born Shawn texts “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to Mariah in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Mariah had better luck on the previous holiday. Mariah and her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be confined to one day. “Valentine’s marathon continues,” Mariah captioned a spicy selfie of her alongside Bryan. In the Feb. 15 photo, the music icon posed in a racy red and black lace top, a string of diamonds around her neck. She and Bryan were on “Hour 23!” of their love fest. Oddly, the timing of the selfie came after Mariah’s ex, Nick Cannon, sampled her song, “Alone in Love,” for a new track where he seemingly says he wants Mariah back. “I say I’m cool when I know I miss it / I’d trade it all for the case / If I could have you back / If I could go back to where we started at,” he raps on the track.

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Shawn also recently dished about his own relationship experiences, specifically all the attention he and  Camila Cabello, 25, got while together. While their love made headlines in the press, Shawn said the media scrutiny didn’t bother him. “I honestly don’t care,” He said with a friendly shrug. Camila, in an interview with Zane Lowe, said that her “focus has shifted” post-breakup. While together, Camila was trying to “live a happy life and be in a happy, healthy relationship,” but now, she’s turned her eyes on her career. “I think as I get older, yeah, the priorities shift. And I feel like that was that way for both of us.”

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