Louise Minchin spills important advice that she gave to Dan Walker: No one tells you!

BBC Breakfast: Louise Minchin attempts to speak to reporter

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Louise Minchin, 53, revealed she gave her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker some friendly advice about eating during their work hours, when he first joined the show back in 2016. Having already worked out that it’s not wise to eat when she first woke up, Louise passed on the knowledge to her pal.

That’s exactly what I told Dan when he arrived

Louise Minchin

The BBC presenter was discussing eating habits with her Her Spirit podcast co-star Annie Emmerson and BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood, when the latter admitted she had also fallen victim to over-eating when she first started.

“I have breakfast about 6:30am usually, what do you do when you’re working?” Louise quizzed Carol.

“I have tea in the morning, then I have breakfast – which is normally some kind of all-bran, at about 9:15am,” she replied.

Annie seemed stunned, as she chimed in: “So, you don’t have… anything?”

Carol shook her head, explaining: “No, because when I first started doing these hours, I’d have something when I first woke up and found I was incorporating another meal into the day.

“So instead of having three meals, I was having four.”

After coming to the realisation she could get through her job on just a brew, the meteorologist added: “Now I’ll eat after the breakfast shift.”

Louise shared Annie’s surprise that Carol could hold off eating anything for that long, as the show itself is three hours.

“I couldn’t get through the programme if I couldn’t eat!” she gasped.

“And that’s exactly what I told Dan when he arrived.

“Because nobody ever tells you this Carol – when you start doing hours like that – you start very quickly adding another meal into your day and then I was finding my dresses fit a little bit different!” she laughed.

Elsewhere, Louise spoke out after being inundated with supportive messages from her 211,000 Twitter followers.

Fans rushed to cheer her up after she sheepishly revealed a “rookie error” had caused her to fall off her bike last week.

The journalist took an unfortunate tumble on Thursday, after forgetting to take her foot out of the cleat on her bike ride.

The presenter shared the news alongside a picture of herself lying on the floor, as she laughed to the camera.

Louise had previously reassured fans that she was unhurt by the accident.

However, she soon took to social media once again to admit that the mishap had left her with a slight injury.

She penned alongside two bandage emojis: “Your stories of bike fails at zero mph have cheered me and my grazed knee up immensely.

“So glad I am not alone,” the grateful host admitted.

Fans took to the comments section of her update to send their love her way and hoped for a speedy recovery.

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