Lisa Vanderpump remembers 8-year-old Naomi Campbell as a ‘little spitfire’

Reality star Lisa Vanderpump knew in 1979 that model Naomi Campbell was destined for stardom when Vanderpump first met the future supermodel at the tender age of 8.

“Naomi was always very forthright at a very young age,” the “Real Housewives” star says of Campbell in the new WSJ Magazine. They were both cast on the British TV show “Kids” 40 years ago.

“She’s a little spitfire,” Vanderpump recalls thinking at the time. They still occasionally cross paths.

Meanwhile, Campbell reveals in the piece that she has an unusual superstition. “If I lose something, I look at it as it was meant to be gone. Don’t look for it. It was meant to leave,” she says. “If things fall off me,” such as an earring, “and I find it, I don’t put it back on my body.”

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