Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce & dashes Miley Cyrus’s hopes for reconciliation

By now, everyone knows the story of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s shenanigans. Her rep announced their split, she “moved on” with Kaitlynn Carter within 24 hours, and Miley has been blaming the split on Liam’s pills and whiskey. We’ve also heard that Miley is “relieved” that she can now focus on herself, because apparently she hasn’t been doing that this whole time. My read on it was that Miley has been doing the most to get Liam’s attention and get under his skin, to make him jealous and to simply have DRAMA. Many thought that Miley and Liam would be headed for a reconciliation after a few months. Not so much – Liam filed for divorce.

Liam Hemsworth is the one who’s pulling the plug on his marriage, because TMZ has learned he just filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus. Liam filed legal docs in L.A. … citing the standard “irreconcilable differences.” Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ, Liam and Miley had a prenup, keeping their earnings during the marriage separate, so there won’t be a fight over money. And, since there are no kids, we’re told the divorce will be easy breezy.

The handwriting was on the wall for weeks … Miley and Liam announced their separation August 10, after less than a year of marriage. Our sources tell us Liam is “over the marriage” and just wants to move on. The day before telling the world she split from Liam, Miley was spotted making out with her longtime friend, Kaitlynn Carter, at Lake Como in Italy. There were allegations of infidelity, although it appeared the couple had split months before. The date of separation is relevant, not so much legally, but in terms of PR. In the docs, filed by disso queen Laura Wasser, she does not list a date of separation … it reads TBD — to be determined.

Here’s what’s interesting … our sources say, despite appearances, Miley had made overtures as recently as this week, saying she wanted to work on the marriage, but Liam was steadfast that it was over. We’re told fact is, Liam’s people said he would be “insane” to jump back in.

The breakup started out amicable, but it quickly turned nasty, with claims of drug use and infidelity. She released a song last week, “Slide Away,” which we’re told is her version of the split, blaming it on Liam’s alleged penchant for whisky and pills … something he strongly denies.

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Oh sh-t LIAM hired Laura Wasser? That’s hilarious. Laura Wasser mostly represents the wives in divorces, but sometimes she will take a high-profile husband as a client. I’m sort of proud of Liam for being the adult and actually filing for divorce instead of allowing Miley to dictate a melodramatic narrative in which he was the villain and perhaps secretly pining for her too. Obviously, Miley and her people ran to People:

It seems this is the end for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The pop star, 26, is looking to the future now that the actor, 29, has filed for divorce.

“She didn’t expect it and is a bit disappointed, but she is still doing well and has obviously moved on as well,” a Cyrus insider tells PEOPLE of the singer.

Despite the breakup, the insider says Cyrus has fond memories of their nearly 10-year romance.

“What she and Liam had for a long time was very special,” the Cyrus insider adds. “It’s just hard for her to think that she will never have this again with Liam. There are really so many things that she loves about him.”

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Oh well, Miley. “It’s just hard for her to think that she will never have this again with Liam.” Maybe you shouldn’t have been such a f–king brat? Harsh but true – the thing is, what I said and what everyone else said at the start of this story was that NO ONE was surprised by the news because they’re so ill-suited for each other and they obviously had different goals and ideas about marriage and their future. Why couldn’t that be the story? Why did Miley orchestrate this weeks-long melodrama?

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