Leonardo DiCaprio Takes It in the Face During Beach Volleyball

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s game face looks pretty damn painful … especially when there’s a volleyball smashing into it. 

The Oscar winner was down in Malibu getting into his latest favorite pastime — aside from dating models, of course … good, old-fashioned beach volleyball!

Leo was diving left and right over the weekend, going low for saves and rising high for spikes as he played alongside Robin Thicke and the rest of his ‘Bu crew, which included at least one woman on his side. At one point, Leo missed the ball and it hit him right in the kisser.

He’s certainly a trooper — Leo got right back into the game after the face splat, shook it off like a champ. Still though … ouch.

We already know Leo’s a fiend for the sport — he got a lot of sets in last summer, and it looks like 2019 ain’t gonna be much different. He’s also consistent with his game gear — T-shirt, shades and a ball cap … front or backward, your preference. 

The dude’s got a big movie coming out soon — Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” — with his costars, Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt

Leo’s done his press run for the flick already, so it seems like it might be volleyball season for the foreseeable future. Just remember, Leo … hands up!!!

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